• I am an artist and author-illustrator who is passionate about science, the environment, and helping diverse kids find their voices though art and literature. 

    I graduated from Claremont Art School with a Diploma in Fine Art and Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Community Development. I also have a Certificate in Tinkering from Stanford University, which sparked a love of using art to teach science. I have run STEAM (STEM plus Art) classes and a Maker Club for curious kids.

    I’ve worked for 10 years as a Community Artist. During this time I completed a bunch of primary school artist residencies and community murals as recipient of a CANWA Catalyst Grant. I was also recipient of a UWA grant that enabled the building of a community art studio for artists with disabilities.

    I now work from home, sometimes in my studio, sometimes outside in my garden. I am mother to a sassy 14 year old, door-opener to three cheeky felines, and corn-provider to a flock of feisty chooks.


  • Art is like a second language to me and, when I write, I often feel as though I’m painting a picture in words.  I work on paper in watercolour, pen and ink, and gouache. On canvas, I work in acrylic paints. I also illustrate with digital media, using Procreate for iPad.

    My areas of interest include narrative fiction, narrative non-fiction, educational and editorial work. I have had a regular column in the children’s section of the Australian Mensa Magazine, writing and illustrating science topics such as the stuff-factories inside stars, how colour works, and how to care for native bees. Being a nerd at heart, I get pretty excited about researching, writing and illustrating interesting new topics. 

    I’ve been able to indulge that love for learning recently, having just finished illustrating a book for an educational social enterprise, SheMaps. The entire process has been so interesting, and using my artistic skills to represent tricky concepts in a way kids can understand has been very satisfying. I love finding ways to spark interest for kids, 

    In addition to narrative work, I draw from life, being especially interested in life on different scales: the hugeness of the universe, our human scale compared to that of insects and tiny creatures, and the hidden microscopic world.