• Along with articles I’ve had published in various magazines over the years, I now have three novels out. 
    Terror’s Identity came out over the winter holidays of 2015-2016. It is the story of sixteen-year-old Aidan, who is put into a witness protection program with his mother and sister to hide them from the terrorists his dad is chasing. Do you remember being sixteen and trying to figure who you were? Think how much harder that would be if you then had to remember a whole new you.
    Emily’s Ride to Courage is about a twelve-year-old girl who has been promised a horse of her own if she does math homework all summer long. Emily hates math, especially since she doesn’t see the point of it. I mean she does know how to add and substract, so what more does she need?  And Grandpa won’t buy the horse Emily wants because he has four white hooves. In the meantime, Emily’s older sister, Jen, is being a major bully, especially after their mom goes missing in Afghanistan. 
    Earthquakes, set in 1942 Hollywood,CA and includes spies and murders and romance for seventeen-year-old Jonathon Maxian Thomas and his family. If that’s not enough excitement, Jonathon has a recurring nightmare about an earthquake about to swallow him up. The dream is triggered by his fear that his father will be killed as he fights in the Japanese in the Pacific Theater of the war. Will Jonathon finally be able to deal with all the scary things is his life? Probably, especially with the help of his wonderful girlfriend.
    I am currently working on a picture book entitled “Whose Barn Is It?,” a chapter book entitled “Jake and the Winds,” and a cookbook for ages 8 and older which is entitled “Food You Can Play With.”


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