• Currently residing in Dallas Texas, Sharon was born and raised in Ontario Canada. She attended Sheridan College of Animation, Art, and Design in Oakville Ontario Canada and graduated with a focus on interpretive and sequential illustration in 2002. Sharon went on to study creative writing care of the University of Waterloo as well as pursue continued learning in storyboard art through the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop, and online Art History studies through CalArts.


  • Sharon was trained in traditional media and has a firm grasp of both wet and dry medias. She currently is focused on bringing her experiences to the digital canvas.
    Sharon has illustrated 3 books that were independently published for specialty markets in Ontario. Covering such topics as autism, anaphylaxis, and social anxiety, Sharon’s illustrative history has been very focused on community needs and support.
    As a new resident to the United States and specifically Texas, Sharon hopes to find her career and spends nearly all her available hours on artistic growth and development. She is ready to consider a variety of projects.