• Hi, there! I’m Sherry. I’m the owner/designer of Sherry West Art and a designer for Stamp Addicts, a U.K. rubber stamp/scrapbooking company. My designs have been featured on the UK’s Hochanda TV a few times, with more to come!
    I’m also a children’s book author and illustrator.


  • Our family lives out in the middle of Indiana farm country and couldn’t be happier! Corn fields, cow birds, crows, combines, cornucopia, canines and cats! Much of my art is inspired by our everyday lives – one very patient husband, three hilarious kids, one big hairy white goofy German Shepherd named Marla and 13 random cats with names the kids got from their snacks and trips we take down the road to town….Cheese Puff 1, Cheese Puff 2, Sushi, Flower, Cow Cat (a herd of black and white spotted cows lives just down the street from our house and this is what color the cat is), and more. So, there’s always Something around here to inspire a fun story and artwork for kids!