• Honors/Awards

    2020 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Selected illustration for The
    Children-Spectators Exhibit

    2020 WNDB Mentorship Program, Finalist, Author/Illustrator

    2018 RUCCL One-on-One-Plus Conference, Mentee

    2017 SCBWI Nevada Mentorship, Mentee

    2016 SCBWI San Francisco Illustrator Day, Honor Portfolio

    Illustrator/Author — Bay Area, CA

    Illustrator of 20+ children’s books, currently writing & illustrating stories for all.

    Bkgrd: Graphic Design, Art Director, Professional Lettering Artist

    I love to create traditionally, primarily working in
    watercolor, gouache, and colored pencils, but I’m always trying new techniques which might include digital, cut paper, dip pen &
    ink, and more.


  • Drawing, writing, storytelling, creating—
    these are the things
    I am so thrilled to wake up to each day,
    and I am honored to be able to work in an industry
    ON such important work
    FOR little readers everywhere.
    It’s truly a privilege to get to do so.

    I will do my best to create work that is
    compassionate and inclusive,
    with a hope for a brighter world for all.

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