• HELLO :)

    I am an illustrator, live and work in a small house, surrounded by trees and flowers, with a lovely husband, three energetic boys, amazing grandfather and a dog called Sofi.

    I grew up in Israel, drawing and painting as long as I can remember.

    After the army, I went to the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design,

    where I earned a B.A in visual communication.

    For a while after, I worked as a TV game designer and Illustrator.

    Then, I was awarded a Research Scholarship in Japan for two years.

    It was while living in Japan that I discovered the wonderful world of Illustrating children books.

    When I returned to Israel, I started working as an illustrator and graphic designer.

    I have illustrated more than 50 books for children.


  • I love what I do, and I think it is the best work I could ask for. 

    When I see kids reading my books, smiling, it is the biggest reword ever. 

    I usually draw with pencils and color on the computer, but if I have the chance, 

    I love to try new technics; ink or pastels or even markers…

    I always think about the most interesting way to describe the scene with humor. 

    If I laugh and enjoy while illustrating, it will pass to anyone who sees it. 

    I also love to add small details or animals like a mouse or a cat that the kids will attach to, and will find new things every time…

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