• Environmental & Economic Studies at Skidmore College prompted a career researching and reporting on the health risks associated with industrial and commercial pollution. With interests ranging from clean-tech energy and sustainability to early childhood education and communications, I regularly interview leading scientists, lawyers, writers and economists on the latest in clean energy technology and policy. I also continue to translate the simple science of Wind, Solar & Tidal Energy into lyrical prose for children, aged 3-8.


  • My first rhyming, renewable energy book for children, When the Wind Blows, has been published by Holiday House! I’m fortunate that the highly acclaimed illustrator, Brad Sneed, agreed to bring WIND to life with his engaging and memorable artwork! The website that I built to support the story is WhenTheWindBlows (dot) org.

    I also write for The Huffington Post Green Blog and have been a contributor to CleanTechnica, DailyClimate, DeSmogBlog, and the former EnergyBoom. My letters on climate change have been published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Cape Cod Times.

    Member of SCBWI, National Association of Science Writers, Society of Environmental Journalists, Texas Writers League, and the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. I’m also a presenter on climate change impacts, a writer on clean energy innovation & a researcher on the growth of clean tech businesses.

    One of my most recent articles on fossil fuel divestment appeared in the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government’s graduate student newspaper, The Citizen. In it, I compare the stellar success of the clean energy sector to the increasingly unpredictable and unremarkable performance of fossil fuel companies to demonstrate that divestment is not a threat to academic or institutional endowments, but rather an opportunity. The article which is entitled “Clean Energy as an Economic Catalyst for Divestment” also appeared in Brendan Demelle’s award-winning “DeSmogBlog” in November 2014.

    I was trained as a Climate Leader and Speaker by V.P. Al Gore in Chicago. I marched with fellow Climate Reality Leaders at the September 2014 People’s Climate March in NYC. In our group were national and international representatives from high schools, colleges, universities, faith groups, and NGOs, each committed to divestment on a national and global scale.

    I continue to interview preeminent scientists and economists as the basis for my reporting and my writing for children. Many of my contacts have devoted their careers to documenting the exponential rise in greenhouse gas emissions, exploring the various scenarios for a fair and justifiable price on carbon emissions, and deploying scalable solar and wind powered technologies and the financial tools that support them. From Harvard University’s Carl Wunsch’s Arctic ice cores, which chronicle the sharp rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide over the past 80 years and NASA scientist Compton Tucker’s use of satellite imagery to track sea level encroachment along densely populated urban shorelines to Stanford University’s Mark Z. Jacobson’s economic models of clean energy deployment and American Economic Association President William D. Nordhaus’s clarion call for a regulatory pricing of carbon, I have been fortunate to learn from the country’s world’s leading experts.

    My second renewable energy book, When the Sun Shines, is being reviewed by a number of editors, as I complete research for my third children’s book, When the Waves Roll.

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