• Stan Yan is best known for his comic art and zombie caricature work, with credits which include an extended run on the geek-culture inspired, SubCulture (Ape Entertainment, Action Lab, written by Kevin Freeman, writer for Shrek, Richie Rich), his self-published slice-of-life series, The Wang, and spot illustration work for The Westword.  As a self-proclaimed “idea man”, Stan’s passion extends to the authorship of his rhyming picture book, There’s a Zombie in the Basement, Storm Comics’ Vincent Price Presents: Zombicatures and his long-running, post-apocalyptic webcomic series, REVVVelations (Illustrated by Lego Ninjago artist, Jolyon Yates).  Stan is currently working on a graphic novel, Regret: A Cancer Survivor’s Story.


  • I’m a writer/illustrator aiming to create work that kids and their parents will enjoy equally.