• After serving as Regional Advisor for SCBWI Alaska for ten years, from 2012-2022, I have now receive the honor of being a Regional Advisor Emeritus from our International Organization headquarters. I will continue to volunteer in Alaska, and will also serve on guiding committees as SCBWI heads into a new era, a more inclusive and diverse era. I especially plan to bring that to Alaska by helping our Alaskan Natives authors and illustrators, and other diverse groups, grow their creative skills, learn about the publishing market, and take their craft where they want. 

    Personally, I am thrilled to be represented by Deborah Warren of East West Literary, her team, and group of incredible authors and illustrators. I write stories for kids that weave mystery with reality, feelings with facts, and invite the reader on an adventure of the heart and mind. 
    I’m deep in a rewrite of “A Whale and His Boy,” a novel told in dual POV—prose and verse—where the real world problem of fighting over dwindling resources lead Logan on an harrowing adventure with, and sometimes against a whale, where he faces the death of his mom by sorting out myth and reality.

    I graduated from the Evergreen State College in Washington State with a BA in Outdoor Education. I have been a flight instructor, operations managers of hotels abroad in cities and remote locations in the USA, back packed in the mountains for extended periods and around the world, raised two amazing children. I now divide my time between five passions: writing, yoga (practicing and teaching), being outdoors, knitting a tight family though where ever life finds us, and volunteering for creative people and pursuits.
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