• I am an illustrator/author working towards my first picture
    book. I have always been fascinated that art can convey both story and emotions
    in a single picture.

    I am a librarian by trade, with degrees in education and
    art, and have worked in both digital and traditional media, with a true
    fondness for linework.

    I am the Illustration Coordinator for the Long Island of the
    Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators,
    where I contributes newsletter articles about art tips and techniques and hold
    weekly Zoom meetings for our members.

    I am also a member of the Children’s
    Book Illustrators Group

    My top five favorite things to draw would be dinosaurs,
    space, children, dinosaurs in space with children, and trees.



  • Stephen Ingram is illustrator/author working towards his first picture book. He has always been fascinated how art can convey both story and emotions in a single picture.