• Sucheta Rawal is an author with a mission to raise awareness of different cultures to bring understanding and curiosity for the world. Drawing from her own experience of traveling to 100 countries across 7 continents, Sucheta has authored a series of children’s illustrative books – Beato Goes To. The stories, based on her real cat, Beato and her actual travels, inspire young readers to learn about different countries, as well as develop their own wanderlust. 


    Sucheta often visits elementary schools, reading her books – Beato Goes To GreenlandBeato Goes To IsraelBeato Goes To Indonesia, Beato Goes To Japan, and the latest release – Beato Goes To Brazil. In each book, Sucheta tackles important issues such as protecting habitat of endangered wildlife, respecting elders and teacher, taking care of the environment, and appreciating diversity, in a fun and educational approach. 


    Sucheta has appeared on NPR, ABC, FOX, The New York Times, Huff Post, and Global Atlanta, among others. She is a regular contributor to CNN, Travel+Leisure, and Atlanta Magazine. Sucheta was named “Georgia State University’s 40 Under 40 alumna” in 2018, “40 Under 40 best and the brightest” by Georgia Trend magazine in 2016. Sucheta was invited by the U.S. Embassy in Romania to represent the United States at BookFest Bucharest in 2018, and nominated for Georgia’s Author of the Year Award in 2018 and 2020.


    Originally from India, Sucheta started discovering the world when she moved to United States after high school. She resides in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband and her cat, Beato.


  • I have been writing about food and travel for the past 15 years, contributing to print and digital publications. I have had the privileged of traveling to 100 countries across 7 continents through my work, witnessing unique cultures, people and places. Sharing these stories with others’ has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. My mission is to show young readers this beautiful planet we live in, traveling through the vivid pages of my books.


    Beato Goes To series of children’s illustrative books are based on my own adventures, photographs I have taken during my travels, and characters I have personally met. The stories feature a traveling cat, my real life furry Norwegian forest cat – Beato. He is my Avatar you can say! I picked a cat (and not me) as the main character because a cat is curious, yet has an opinion, and does not resemble any ethnic background. Beato has been a great inspiration to me, while he lounges on my feet, at my desk, in the couch, and watches me write day after day, occasionally rising from his naps to give me a head nudge. 


    What I hope to accomplish from the series is not only to provide entertaining and educational material to kids, but inspire them to learn about each other and discover the world. We live in an interconnected community, where our actions and thinking impact our surroundings, the environment, and people everywhere. I want to empower young readers with the knowledge they need to become unprejudiced global citizens.