• Sue Damen is an artist, illustrator, author, and educator. She was born in Vancouver but grew up in the small farming community of Yarrow, BC. She attended the University of British Columbia, where she graduated with a BFA specializing in printmaking and drawing, and a BEd in Fine Art and Media Education. Sue loves to share the process of making art – as an educator she provides opportunities for children to discover their creativity.


  • Sue’s art themes explore place and stories, unobtrusively offering respite upon a casual glance. Her style ranges from semi realistic to crafty. Her drawing shows through in the fine detail of her etchings and the gesture of her paintings. She invites you to look beyond the real into the imagined place where life’s sentiments can be mulled about with a certain detachment. Her stories illustrate everyday moments with a grand imagination – she likes to create mountains out of mole hills!

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