• I write children’s books as Susan J. Berger and act as Susan Berger
    I’ve been a SCBWI member since 1993. I have four books published by Guardian Angel Publishing (a small, but lovely E book publisher who also offers POD)
    My Great American Novel, Log on Log will be published by Beach Lane Books.  
    I love school visits. I believe all kids are potential authors and have a story to tell.
    I blog with fellow SCBWI members Lupe Fernandez, Hilde Garcia and Kris Kahrs at Pen and Ink  http://thepenandinkblog.blogspot.com

    My acting website is susanbergeractor.com

    I also write romance as Susan B. James my second romance comes out in July 2017


  • Inside each child is an undiscovered author.

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