• In the woods behind my childhood home grew the remnants of an oak
    savanna. Red and white oaks stood as sentinels to the passage of deep
    time. Their branches scooped low to the ground. Low enough to climb
    aboard. To be embraced by the trees.

    This place captivated my senses. It fueled my creativity and sparked a lasting reverence for nature. I often experienced a distinct “creative ache” to share this connection by exploring poetry and paintings.

    college I studied Wildlife Management and received a Master’s Degree in
    Plant Ecology with the intention of pursuing natural history
    After graduate school, I enrolled in several semesters of Drawing for Illustration and Figure Drawing. LOVED them!

    twenty years I worked in the field of Natural Resource Management
    enjoying outreach and education to children and youth, technical
    writing, as well as, some natural history illustration. However, at some
    point I realized my career path did not contain the opportunities I
    craved and needed.

    Today, I am happily fusing my passions for
    art, science, and writing together into creative projects. This includes
    teaching art to elementary and middle school students via extended
    school programs, artist-in-residences, as well as mentoring high school
    students in scenic painting. I teach part time as a substitute teacher
    in art and science sharing my playful, inquisitive approach to life. By
    teaching in emotionally and intellectually meaningful ways, I hope to
    inspire students to be creative flexible thinkers.

    My first children’s book, A Thousand Purring Cats, addresses
    emotional healing and the power of positive relationships. Purring Cats was published in July 2017. I am currently researching the science
    of kindness and am working on two manuscripts that explore this theme.


  • A THOUSAND PURRING CATS is about emotional healing, compassion, and the power of positive relationships.

    It was during a period of deep loss that I learned about the healing effects of purring on bone repair. While the sound of purring is wonderful, it is the frequency of the vibrations that actually help heal us. It turns out, cats purr with a consistent pattern and frequency, between 25 to 150 Hertz. Scientific studies have shown these frequencies can improve bone density and promote healing on bone and soft tissue (Scientific American 2003). And of course, we already know our companions can help decrease blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and enhance feelings of well-being (HABRI.org). So, if one cat can do all that, imagine what a thousand could do?

    This insight was the spark that fueled a personal journey of creativity and my own emotional healing. A THOUSAND PURRING CATS was the result. It is my sincere hope that the images and words spark something wonderful for you and your family.

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