• I hold a Master of Arts in Teaching from Wesleyan University. My debut novel, Of Better Blood, YA historical, was published in February 2106 by Albert Whitman & Company. The setting is 1922 New England and the topic eugenics, holds personal meaning for me. Growing up,I knew two women who had polio very young and were shunned by people in their families as “cripples.” Their courage in the face of prejudice inspired my character, Rowan Collier, in the novel. My five nonfiction books for teachers were published by Scholastic Inc. One of them,Teaching the Diary of Anne Frank (Scholastic 1998, 2009), received
    Educational Press Association award. Currently I teach writing at Anne Arundel Community College
    and live in Edgewater, Maryland with my husband
    and two feisty feline gentlemen. I have worked as a volunteer firefighter; an editor for the NY Fire Department; and a Senior Editor at Scholastic. I live and write in Maryland, near Annapolis, with my husband and two cats, and teach writing at Anne Arundel Community College. 

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