• I love being an author & Illustrator of children’s books. I grew up on the seacoast of Maine, and have been a resident of Taos, NM for the past three years. My son Tim, and daughter Jacquelyn, have been my foundation through the years and they are my biggest supporters.

    I have enjoyed spending over a decade as a Licensed Nursing Assistant in New Hampshire and continues to devote my time as a part-time caregiver to the elderly in the surrounding communities of New Mexico. I am currently a caregiver to the renowned Taos artist Alyce Frank.

    Growing up, my passion had always been painting and drawing. It was later in life after experiencing some traumatic events while serving in the Unite States Army as a military police officer, did I learn that writing was a therapeutic tool to express myself. I try to incorporate personal experiences and emotions into my stories in hopes the messages will ring true with the reader.

    My latest book, Iwogs Adventures in Bully Blues, is an enlightening story that brings an awareness of an important issue in today’s society, bullying. Children can relate to and read about how the Iwogs battle against Snip and Snap, the turtle brothers and learn that with kindness and forgiveness, anything is possible.

    My first children’s book, Plaid Frogs, Blue Toads & Pink Pollywogs, was designed to help kids with cancer or any childhood disease in search of a cure, be able to discuss their emotions with a parent, teacher or healthcare provider. A portion of the proceeds of Plaid Frogs Blue Toad & Pink Pollywogs, goes to the American Cancer Society.

    I believe that children books should have strong ideals and morals, and send a positive message to the young and old!


  • I write and illustrate children’s books that have a strong message and make a positive impact on children and adults!

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