• I come from one of those good-place-to-be-from-and-maybe-go-back-to-someday small towns in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I went to study Illustration at Moore College of Art and Design starting on Saturdays while still in high school and then continuing full time till I earned my BFA. I got married! I was young. A lot of Things happened. After that, I moved to the heart of Silicon Valley in a van driven by the man I now call my (second) husband, as well as three cats, and seldom any choice words the whole two week trip. We are now sadly catless, but I suspect not for much longer. After a number of years doing B&W comic strip work, I’ve decided to come back to my first love. Cookies. I mean picture books. Actually, it’s a race too close to call.


  • Off the top of my head, I’ll say that first and foremost I like to use my drawings and writings to make people laugh. It’s my favorite spontaneous reaction, because it’s a real bridge-builder, not just between me and (hopefully) you, but between parent and child, or even two strangers. Get people happy and bring them together, from there good things can happen.

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