• I live for stories! In a forward for the book, “Keepers of the Earth”, by Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac, N. Scott Momaday writes, “The storyteller creates his listener. In effect the storyteller says to his listener, “In my story I determine you; for a moment — the duration of the story — your reason for being is the story itself; for the sake of the story, you are.” As listener, I have lost myself in stories told.  As storyteller, I have found myself once more. Stories, lost and found, have played an immeasurable role in my life. These days I lend my hearing, along with all of my other senses, to the stories Creation tells. Inspiring and healing, Her stories guide and fuel me along my own creative path.


  • I find the creative process much like a wander in the woods.  As attention is focused toward the qualities of life, openness emerges, and curiosity is aroused, intimacy develops into reciprocity, and a sense of story unfolds. At this point, inner and outer landscapes merge, so that separation ceases to exist — i am no longer “I”, but … All.