• I’m a writer/illustrator with a passion for the underwater world. I’ve been a dive instructor in Florida, an underwater videographer in Grand Cayman, and an artist apprentice in California. My work is inspired by my love for the ocean and its creatures.

    My current home is in a cozy log cabin in Florida. When I’m not in my studio, you can find me teaching yoga or swimming in the sea.

    My passion project: a picture book series focusing on ocean conservation.

    I am represented by The Whiteman Agency.


  • As a travel writer, yoga teacher, and scuba diving instructor, I write for various publications, and my passions flow into my art. I love recreating the magical things I encounter from my world into whimsical characters with watery bleeds and unexpected palettes. I hope that my work invites kids to fall in love with the underwater world, travel, and wellness, and is something they can hold onto long into adulthood.