• TeMika Grooms is an Atlanta-based painter,
    illustrator, and arts advocate. Her painterly style is evident in her
    illustrations, fine art, and murals as she incorporates expressive movement and
    a strong sense of line in her work. 
    Digital art has also given her another medium to explore while still maintaining
    the look and feel of traditional medium. 
    TeMika is exploring the use of technology in art by creating digital
    paintings and surveying new avenues to bring interactive art to the public.


    Her artistic practice has allowed her to
    work as a teaching artist and develop programs to support brands in being
    change agents in society. TeMika was selected for the international 2008 Taller Norte Portobelo Artist-in-Residence
    in Portobelo, Panama. She presented as a teaching artist to
    Spanish-speaking children on a collaborative, illustrated, sequential art
    project.  Most
    recently, TeMika partnered with Microsoft to present art-based workshops and
    currently works with the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
    (SCBWI) Board of Advisors Equity and Inclusivity Committee to impact the
    inclusion of diverse voices in children’s book publishing industry.






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