• I was born in Thailand, raised in America. Creating something from almost nothing: I find this fascinating! I pick up blank paper and pencil, and with diligent effort there is soon an image – perhaps a whole other world to behold – that previously existed only in my mind, now on paper. I can keep it forever. It feels… like magic.  I have discovered that illustration is my ultimate creative outlet.

    I live with my husband, three daughters, and a small dog in Colorado.

    I am represented by East West Literary Agency. I’ve been a member of SCBWI since 2011 and won an On-the-Verge Emerging Voices Award for diversity in 2013.


  • Dow Phumiruk is a retired pediatrician who has found a passion for creating books for children. She is represented by East West Literary Agency. She lives in Colorado with her husband, three daughters, and one small dog. When she isn’t teaching medical students or drawing, she can be found hiking on the trails near her home.

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