• As the RA in France, Tioka’s met some wonderful writers and illustrators, publishing professionals and young readers. They are a constant reminder of how lucky she is to be a part of the world of children’s books. When she’s not emailing the SCBWI France Board in the middle of the night about their next great event, she’s a YA acquisitions reader and trying her hand at writing series fiction for a book packager in London. 

    Before moving to Paris, Tioka worked in New York and Washington on news and documentaries for PBS and the Discovery Channel. For the past few years she’s lived in the City of Light, although she recently traded her rooftop apartment for a boat so her exact address changes with the tides. She has a BS in education from Boston University and a MA in anthropology from Columbia University. 

    Her writing was selected for the SCBWI British Isles 2014 Undiscovered Voices anthology.