• Hello!  I’m Tori Higa and I am a Southern California based artist who grew up in a sports family and ended up marrying into one as well. Yet, somehow I have a completely irrational fear of the ball and not a competitive bone in my body. My husband says that I am the most uncompetitive person that he knows, but my dad begs to differ because he had a mom who before all of his basketball games would always say, “Well, I hope you lose tonight.  I just feel so sorry for all the boys on the other team.”  

    Even though my volleyball coach husband and basketball coach dad could never successfully teach me to play sports (not even if my life depended on it), I still try to apply wisdom to my art career from both of their examples on and off the court like thinking outside the box, discipline, character, integrity, perspective, hard work, being a good teammate, and doing something you love.

    I have always considered myself to be an artist.  I just recently started pairing my art with books I have written for children and it’s my biggest joy.


  • I love incorporating vintage fabric into my mixed media pieces because it symbolizes to me that scraps and something that was discarded is now re-worked and given new life just as God takes our scraps and gives US new life.  

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