• For over twenty years, I’ve worked in the field of education in different capacities: teacher, researcher, classroom presenter, curriculum developer, and education publishing editor. I received my MA in International Education and am certified to teach English as a foreign language. Throughout these various roles, one constant has been a search for engaging books and resources for students.

    Writing fiction and non-fiction books for students is a passion of mine. In the over fifty books I’ve published or are pending publication, I work to bring each subject alive, whether it’s a butterfly’s life cycle or a troll ravaging a department store. I’m interested in traditionally printed books as well as emerging storytelling avenues.

    I love creating children’s books and doing classroom presentations and workshops. Please send me an email if you want to discuss working on a project together at torran (dot) ian (dot) Anderson (at) gmail (dot) com and connect with me on social media.

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