• Veronica Park is a former journalist, indie film producer, cruise ship lecturer, world traveler, and literary agent with a divergent resume that would make Carmen Sandiego jealous. In first grade, she starred in a Spanish-language production of The Three Little Pigs (aka “Los Tres Cerditos”) and literally brought down the house with her hammy little antics. In third grade, she won an elementary-school-wide D.A.R.E. essay competition with a controversial poem titled “Smoking is Bad.” Allegedly, she was “a joy to have in class.” In her free time, V (occasionally) amused and (more often) annoyed her friends with stories that ranged from mostly true to definitely bogus. 

    Somewhere in her twenties, V realized that she could use stories to sell things, and she went into marketing. Today, in addition to literary agent-ing, V lives in Upstate New York and runs her own consulting firm, VPA Consulting, where she gives advice to small business owners about branding and organizational effectiveness. She also plays roller derby / hits people with her butt.

    V’s author alias is V.P. Anderson, but that’s not because she’s ashamed of her given name. (Seriously, Mom, it’s purely for the sake of brand coherency.) Her pronouns are she/her. She writes books for and about young women of all ages, embellishing life’s unfortunate facts with humor and hope.


  • Voice-driven contemporary & (intersectional, queer) feminist coming of age stories with genre fiction filters.

    Poetry that uses small, pretty words to illustrate & analyze big, ugly truths.

    Creative nonfiction utilizing humor as a healing tool for trauma.

    Hehe, tool.