• Author. Geologist. Engineer. Amateur juggler. Mother of three. I like to explore why some readers struggle. I collect more books than rocks. I like to study foreign languages, too, and keep lists of fun words to say, like lulas (pronounced loo-lush by the Portuguese fisherman I visited while wandering on a rocky beach). North Dakota is my current base for exploring the world–rocks, books, words, and all.


  • We had an old station wagon with fake wood paneling that we loaded up on summer weekends with life jackets and peanut butter sandwiches. I fought for a window seat, so I could gaze out the window, tracking the up-and-down of the telephone lines against the houses that eventually changed to fields, then rows of evergreen and birch. When we arrived at our destination, we raced to the lake or the woods, crunching across pine needles, exploring deer trails, and marveling at shiny rocks or bumpy toads.

    It’s this sense of wonder that I want to give to kids who read my books. As an Earth scientist, I write non-fiction by playing with words that will foster an appreciation for the natural world. Instilling this appreciation in others is what drives me to write fiction, so I can capture the wonder with story.

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    Being Curious: How My Life As A Scientist Prepared Me To Write Children’s Books


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