• I’m a freelance illustrator and product designer living in Cleveland, Ohio. I worked for 10+ years at American Greetings until 2008. After that I’ve concentrated on growing my freelance business as an illustrator and designer.

    I’ve self-published (written and illustrated) three young adult chapter books and three picture book – with more picture books underway!
    I’ve had a passion for writing and illustration since I first wrote and shared my stories in the 2nd grade. It’s a passion that will forever be with me!


  • I developed my love for writing and art simultaneously, when I was given my first journal in school. The book had the pages half-filled with words and the other half blank to leave for illustrations (or to draw more lines on which to write – I actually did both). So by the time I was in the second grade, I knew I wanted to write and illustrate books when I grew up.

       As an illustrator with a long background in caricature art (and an interest in acting which I haven’t done since high school), I have a passion for character development. You’ll notice that there is one thing that connects my work, regardless of style. It is character. 
       One of my most challenging projects was to turn a specific submarine vessel into a lovable character. I feel so much personal accomplishment in such challenges!
       I like to have FUN with my illustrations, and I like to see how much of myself and my own personal humor I can add to a project.
       So BRING ON the cute, fun characters! I enjoy them immensely!