• Zu is an illustrator and teacher from the Bay Area, California. Zu had an interest in picture book writing and illustrating since she was quite young. Her daily work includes reading to children, and creating stories around their curiosity. Aside from her love of children’s literature, she also enjoys reading detective fiction, ice skating and petting her friend’s cats!   

    More of her work: www.PenguinsandPlants.com


  •  “Each one of us has an inner child, or way of being,” says Dr. Diana Raab. Making art is healing to me and always sparks the joy in my life. My favorite things to draw are fuzzy animals and young children who often go on adventures. My goal is to publish my first children’s book in the near future. 

    You can also find my work here: https://www.instagram.com/zuzu.draws.creates  

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