• I am a translator, illustrator, and literary scholar, currently based in Germany. I was born in the Kyoto countryside and spent half my childhood surrounded by rice fields and bamboo forests, the other half in a New York suburb lined with sycamore trees. I completed my PhD in English literature at the University of Cambridge in 2019. I am interested in translating as well as illustrating children’s books for all ages and genres. 


  • When I was little, I wanted to be “someone who draws” when I grew up. Though it’s been a winding path, I’ve finally returned to that first childhood dream. Now I balance my time between translation, illustration, and literary research, which all have one thing in common: the art of storytelling. This will always be the deepest source of inspiration at the heart of my work. My creative impulse is also rooted in my experience of growing up in the countryside, wandering free, in touch with nature. 

    I use watercolors, drawing inks, and colored pencils to create whimsical illustrations inspired by nature, books, and fantasy. I like to explore other media such as ceramics as well. My practice is essayistic, valuing the process and the discoveries that come through it.