Christine Nih'shaw

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     I'm a professional muralist, illustrator, portrait artist, photographer, and owner of Riversong Studio. I've painted everything from giant dried mushrooms and ostrich eggs to leather jackets, and, of course, paper. I love to travel, steampunk jewelry, and the ocean. If I couldn't be an artist I'd be a mermaid!      As a woman of Blackfeet (Siksiká) and Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) descent, it is very important to me to preserve and cultivate our indigenous languages for future generations. I have worked with the Lakota Nation to release two bilingual stories and hope to work with many more nations to keep our languages alive.   


Grandfather Thunder & The Night Horses

Seaglass: wayward thoughts of a wandering heart

The Legend of the Black Grim

Popover: Little Mouse in a Big World

How Do You Catch a Fall Star?

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