T. Thomas Seelig

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(A few things about me) My writing style is chatty with a little bit of modern. I love the rhythm that it creates in the stories. I wish to get my books in every library and indie bookstore in the world. A special thank you to all the bookstores globally for giving me the opportunities to share my work. Books change hearts, worlds and minds, let's build a global neighborhood of passionate readers. I am a lifetime student promoting visual literacy, I wish to join the alumni of the top 100 illustrators navigating this universal terrain. Books are so much more than retail items waiting to be discounted and discarded. They are magical adventures ready to be explored. So read a book today and let your journey begin.  I am also a member of (AOI) Association of illustrators thomasseeelig.com.



Josie the Mermaid

Shelby slept through Christmas

The Day Shelby Lost Her Smile

A House Called Holly

Hello Baby Seattle Edition

My Dog Max

Hello Baby Portland

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