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Membership Benefits


SCBWI members have access to a host of professional development events, marketing and promotional opportunities, online and print resources, and awards and grants. See below for the benefits your SCBWI membership brings you.



Professional Development

Conferences and Events — From large international conferences to small, intimate retreats, events are a key benefit to SCBWI membership. Award-winning authors, esteemed illustrators, editors, agents, and publishers present lectures, conduct workshops, and give individual manuscript and art consultations at SCBWI events around the world. These gatherings are excellent networking opportunities for those both already established in and new to the fantastic, demanding world of children’s book writing and illustrating.

Networking and Community — Being a writer or illustrator can be a lonely profession. With SCBWI you’ll have colleagues around the world to support your career, whatever the stage. When you become an SCBWI member you automatically become part of one of 82 SCBWI regional chapters worldwide.  Opportunities to network with other members and industry professionals exist at SCBWI regional and national events, or online through our discussion boards and affinity groups.


Marketing and Promotion

SCBWI membership comes with unique opportunities to market and promote your work. Whether you’re a published author or illustrator and need people to find your book so you can create a fan base, or you’re just starting out and need editors, art directors, and agents to see your work, SCBWI will help increase your visibility in the market.

Speakers Bureau — Traditionally or independently published authors and illustrators can advertise in our Speaker’s Bureau, an online database used by teachers and librarians to find speakers for school visits.

Illustrator Gallery — Illustrators can feature their online portfolios in our Illustrator Gallery, which is visited by art directors and others looking to hire illustrators. Each month we select an illustrator member to feature.

Art Spot — Illustrators can also submit their art to the quarterly Art Spot column of the SCBWI Bulletin. The Bulletin is seen by our 22,000 members, including top industry professionals.

Recommended Reading List — Traditionally published authors may opt to have their books listed on SCBWI’s Recommended Reading List, which is distributed to independent bookstores and libraries across the country, as well as conferences such as ALA and NCTE. 

SCBWI BookStop — Published authors and illustrators can promote their books at our online SCBWI BookStop event. Once a year in October through November, members are given the opportunity to create a special sales page on the SCBWI website for a newly published book. SCBWI BookStop pages are available online for six weeks. Visitors can browse, purchase, and enjoy learning about you and your book.

Happy Book Birthday — Celebrate and promote your new book the month it is released through our Happy Book Birthday program. On the first Monday of each month, we will display all the books released that month from both PAL and independently published members on our beautiful Happy Book Birthday page.

SCBWInvite — Invite the SCBWI community to your next reading, workshop, or event by filling out an SCBWInvite on your member profile. All the approved invitations will be listed on the Invite Page so local SCBWI members and visitors to the region can add your event to their calendars.


Print and Online Resources

The Book — When you become an SCBWI member you have instant access to The Book: The Essential Guide to Publishing for Children.  We update The Book throughout the year so that you always have access to the most up-to-date information in the field. The Book is filled with up-to-the-minute market surveys as well as information on maximizing social media, creating book trailers, enhancing your career though school visits, best practices in independent publishing, grassroots promotion, and much more. Members can also order a hard copy of The Book for the cost of printing and shipping.

The Bulletin — The SCBWI Bulletin is a quarterly publication containing comprehensive and current information in the field of children’s literature. In addition to features each month, regular departments include the latest market reports, information on school visits, book reviews, art tips, information on contests and awards, information on the illustration market, news of SCBWI members, and information about ongoing SCBWI activities throughout the world. Two hundred and fifty issues of SCBWI’s Bulletin, representing forty-two years of articles and advice, are now archived and easily searchable on the SCBWI website.

Insight — SCBWI’s INSIGHT is a monthly digital publication featuring current children’s book news, hot topics, helpful hints, exclusive interviews, and monthly contests. Members receive the SCBWI INSIGHT in their inbox on the first of every month as a supplement to our quarterly Bulletin.

Pro-Insider — The PRO-INSIDER is a digital publication for PAL (Published and Listed) members. This quarterly newsletter is filled with information on building and maintaining a successful career as a professional writer or illustrator. The PRO-INSIDER features articles about contracts, royalties, marketing, school visits, taxes, and everything a professional writer or illustrator might need to know.

Podcasts — SCBWI releases regular monthly thirty- to forty-five-minute podcasts, with interviews from leaders in the field of children’s literature—from editors and art directors to authors and illustrators. SCBWI members can download the podcasts for free.


Awards & Grants

SCBWI presents several annual awards to recognize works by SCBWI members that exhibit excellence in writing or illustration, and genuinely appeal to the interests and concerns of children. In addition, SCBWI provides grants and scholarships to encourage continuing excellence in the creation of children’s literature. Grants are awarded throughout the year and provide financial assistance to members to finish works-in-progress, polish portfolios, attend conferences, market published books, and more.



In addition to discounts at SCBWI events and conferences, members of SCBWI also receive discounts for services such as Nielsen BookScan, Scrivener, Scapple software licenses, and Publishers Weekly subscriptions.

Discounts and coupon codes for members only.