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2019 SCBWI Narrative Art Award Winner MIRKA HOKKANEN













A note from the judges:

We chose Mirka’s surprising and unexpected journey for its unique interpretation of the assignment. It provides a narrative sequence with a clear range of mood and emotion that takes us on a journey full of discovery, with humor, to a satisfying and surprising conclusion. Through composition and point of view, the visual energy and focal point of each piece progresses from inward and quiet to unfocused and kinetic to outward and open—successfully showing the scope of a narrative journey in three images.

You can see more of Mirka Hokkanen’s art here. Congratulations, Mirka!

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2018 SCBWI Narrative Art Award winner BETH MILLS


A note from the judges:
We chose Beth’s story of bad Nordic neighbors for its original take on the assignment, for its effective three-panel creation of an interesting emotional arc, and for its compact and natural-feeling way of conveying story elements by purely visual means.
You can see more of Beth Mills’ art here and here. Congratulations, Beth!