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Spots Available for New York Conference 2023


A new conference format to take you to the next level of your career!


Registration is open for both the in-person and virtual New York conference and spaces are filling fast!  This year, the in-person conference is built around an all-new workshop model that we’re calling “Creative Labs.” Each day-and-a-half-long lab will dive into one aspect of writing, illustrating or marketing. The labs will be taught by established authors, illustrators, editors, agents, and art directors and are designed to give participants tangible skills and take-aways.  

For instance:

-Participants in The Magic of the Picture Book lab taught by Allyn Johnston (VP and Publisher of Beach Lane Books) will explore picture book structure and the importance of pacing, page turns, and the uses of rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Attendees will learn techniques for creating a picture book dummy and receive feedback on their manuscript’s first page–PLUS, everyone will get to submit to Allyn (who has promised to respond to every single query)!

-Participants in the True Revision lab taught by authors Elana K. Arnold and Eliot Schrefer, will leave with a complete “novel diagnosis” and a detailed plan to revise their manuscript. Attendees will be given an expanded tool-kit of revision techniques and learn how to analyze their book’s tension, pacing, character goals, and arcs.

-Participants in the Breaking the Frame: Exploring the Expanding Universe of Graphic Novel Illustration lab (taught by graphic novelists Raina Telgemeier and Jen Wang, with agent Linda Camacho and Simon & Schuster Art Director Lauren Linn) will explore techniques in pacing, learn ways to unfold their visual narrative, and discover the many uses of frames and page composition. The lab will also cover the ins and outs of graphic novel budgets and contracts, plus methods for approaching story and character for the right balance of art and text.

-Participants in the Brilliant Beginnings and Elegant Endings lab–taught by Cheryl Klein (Editorial Director of Algonquin Young Readers) and author Sarah Aronson–will explore  various types of novel beginnings and decide which one might be right for them. They’ll learn the factors that go into “emotional tipping points,” discover ways to create true catharsis for their main characters, and practice writing techniques to keep tension high.

For more information on the Creative Labs and to register for the IN-PERSON conference, click HERE.

If you can’t attend the in-person conference, the virtual conference has similar half-day labs for picture book writers, novelists, and illustrators. For information on the VIRTUAL conference and how to register, click HERE.