The Internet is flooded with information about publishing, much of it inaccurate or linked to predatory publishing companies. We bring you trusted, current information about the field.



THE BOOK is filled with up-to-the-minute market surveys, information on maximizing social media, creating book trailers, enhancing your career though school visits, best practices in independent publishing, grassroots promotion and much more.


The Bulletin

The SCBWI Bulletin is a quarterly publication containing comprehensive and current information in the field of children’s literature. In addition to features each issue, regular departments include the latest market reports, information on school visits, book reviews, art tips, information on contests and awards, information on the illustration market, news of SCBWI members, and information about ongoing SCBWI activities throughout the world. Two hundred and fifty issues of SCBWI’s quarterly Bulletin, representing forty-two years of articles and advice, are now archived and easily searchable.



SCBWI is in production on regular thirty to forty-five minute podcasts, with interviews from leaders in our field—from editors and art directors to authors and illustrators.  The first podcasts are currently being released, and will be available for free download to SCBWI members.  One podcast per month will follow.  This is an amazing and free benefit to being an SCBWI member.


Master Classes

SCBWI Master Class takes you inside the minds and creative processes of the most important writers and illustrators working in children’s literature today. Each SCBWI Master Class features a unique one-on-one conversation between SCBWI Executive Director and best-selling children’s book author Lin Oliver and a major talent in the world of books for young readers. Whether you are just beginning the path towards publication, or are already well-established, this series offers an invaluable guide to the craft of writing and illustration for young readers. It is our hope that you will return to these intimate conversations again and again throughout your career, drawing renewed perspective and fresh precepts from the wealth of technical and creative insight so generously offered by these luminaries in the field of children’s literature.