Join Our Leadership Team!

We have two openings!

Application for Regional Advisor and Illustrator Coordinator of Nevada Positions.

OPEN NOW until July 15, 2024

There will be two openings in the Nevada leadership at the end of 2024 summer.

NV Regional Advisor & NV Illustrator Coordinator

Please email your application submission to both and

APPLICATION DIRECTIONS (if you can’t follow these directions, you will be disqualified):

1.   You can apply for either RA or IC positions

2.   Application submission is by email and in your email subject line, you must indicate either RA Applicant or IC Applicant

3.   Include one page cover letter of fewer than 500 words as to why you are the best candidate for the position.

4.   Include a summary of your volunteer work with SCBWI Nevada or SCBWI in other regions

5.   Include a one page resume to help us evaluate experiences for this position

6.   Include a one page of fewer than 500 words what vision do you have for your role as a leader in SCBWI Nevada?

7.   You must be a resident in Nevada to apply for the positions.

8.   Please create a PDF of all these pages into a SINGLE document. Please make sure your name is on each page and the pages are numbered.

9.   Decisions will be announced in late August.

SCBWI’s Organizational Structure:                         

SCBWI is led by an Executive Director. The Executive Director, the Director of Marketing and Communication Strategy, and the Director of Programming and Content make up the Executive Committee. This committee, under the guidance of the Executive Director, oversees the SCBWI staff and all members of the staff work together to advance the organization’s mission, vision, and values.                             

One member of the staff, the Director of Regional Team Management, is specifically charged with overseeing the global network of SCBWI’s volunteer Regional Teams (RTs). The Director of Regional Team Management represents the interests of the RTs to headquarters and sets policy for the regions in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Global Regional Advisor Coordinators who manage SCBWI’s massive RT network.

RAs, ARAs, ICs, and TCs:

Regional Teams (RTs) help the members of your region feel supported and connected to a local creative community of writers, illustrators, and translators of children’s literature. There are nearly 80 SCBWI regions worldwide that operate under the following volunteer structure:

●   The Regional Advisor (RA) oversees everything that happens in the region, with some items subject to approval by the US or International Regional Advisor Coordinators and/or the Director of Regional Team Management, in accordance with the guidelines set by headquarters.

●   Assistant Regional Advisors (ARAs), Illustrator Coordinators (ICs), and Translator Coordinators (TCs) assist the RA with region duties.

●   ARAs are essential assistants to the RA, and may support the RA by helping with administrative duties and planning.

●   ICs are specifically tasked with supporting the region’s illustrator members.

●   TCs are specifically tasked with supporting the region’s translator members.

●   The RA, ARA, IC, and TC work together as a team.

●   The entire team works with local volunteers to accomplish their goals, always with RA approval.

Unique responsibilities of a Regional Advisor:

●   The Regional Advisor is the only person authorized to open a region bank account or other financial accounts.

●   The Regional Advisor is the only person authorized in a region to sign checks or transfer funds from financial accounts. (For practical reasons, an ARA or IC may be an additional signer on a bank account, but are not authorized by SCBWI headquarters to sign checks unless there is an emergency and the Director of Regional Team Management is notified and grants permission.)

●   The Regional Advisor is the only person authorized to sign legal agreements such as memoranda of understanding (MOUs) for event speakers and presenters, contracts with venues, and other types of agreements. Volunteers, including ARAs and ICs, should never negotiate speaker bookings or payments of any kind without the RA’s knowledge and input.


For both legal and practical reasons, the RA must pre-approve everything that happens in their regions. All volunteers must understand and respect this structure.

SCBWI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and the officers and/or directors are the only people who may set policy and/or speak for the organization as a whole. Legally, the only valid by-laws are those emanating from the SCBWI main office. The regions are extensions of the organization and the RA holds an appointed position. The RA is responsible and directly accountable to the officers of the corporation for all matters—representational, legal, and financial—pertaining to the region. There may not be locally elected or appointed officers. SCBWI insists on this since the named officers are responsible for the operation and financial obligations of the organization. The RA may appoint an ARA and/or IC and/or TC (subject to approval) and local volunteers as well, as long as it is understood that all serve under the RA’s direction and discretion.