SCBWI Ohio North 2022 Conference Success Story

You never know what could happen at an SCBWI conference...

One Member's Conference Journey from Critique to Book Deal!

SCBWI conferences can give you stepping stones along your creative path. 


Sometimes the stepping stone is a connection with a new critique partner. 

Sometimes it’s a spark of inspiration that flashes during a breakout session. 

And sometimes the stepping stone is a reaction to a critique that launches you to a place you couldn’t have imagined. 

That’s what happened when Laura Hays Hoover was preparing to attend the 2022 SCBWI Ohio North conference. 

Going into the 2022 regional conference, Laura had been writing for kids for four years. At the time, she didn't have an agent or a book deal. But she did have a picture book manuscript ready for a written critique with one of the offsite conference faculty members. 

It was the right stepping stone at the right time for Laura. 

The offsite conference faculty member – an acquiring editor – fell in love with Laura’s manuscript! 

The editor didn’t even wait until the conference. She emailed Laura to say that after reading the manuscript multiple times, she had decided to make an offer on it. Laura was floored!  On the first day of the conference, instead of receiving a written critique, the editor and Laura connected by phone.

Within a week of the conference, Laura had a written offer in hand!

From this stepping stone, Laura searched and found an agent, signed a contract for her picture book manuscript, and is now part of a picture book launch group called PBbuds24. All before the 2023 SCBWI Ohio North conference has even started! 

Every person’s stepping stones are different. SCBWI Ohio North can’t promise your path will be the same as Laura’s. But the SCBWI Ohio North Regional Team feels confident that you’ll find your own amazing stepping stones that will set you down the path meant just for you! 


Advice from Laura Hays Hoover

Come join us at the 2023 SCBWI Ohio North Conference! Whether you are just starting your writing journey or you’ve been sharing stories for a lifetime, there is something special about this gathering. You will find the most amazing, creative, and generous people. This is a unique opportunity to meet industry professionals, connect with fellow creators, and soak in the wisdom of those who are further along in the journey. The conference will stoke your enthusiasm and energize your writing!