Illustrator Promo Catalog and Catalog Cover Contest Information Guidelines for SCBWI Westchester members

SCBWI Westchester is making an Illustrator Promo Catalog!

This summer SCBWI Westchester is running an Illustrator Promo Catalog and Catalog Cover Contest.  

Submit your entry by August 31st to win an art director portfolio review with Joann Hill of Disney-Hyperion!

On September 15th we'll be running an in-person workshop with Disney-Hyperion art director, Joann Hill in White plains (more details coming soon). This workshop will be free to anyone who submits an illustration to the catalog cover contest. Joann will give a presentation with useful info for illustrators as well as writers about creating and connecting with the market. Afterward, she'll review all work and present the chosen winner of our chapter's catalog cover contest. A reception will follow to mix and mingle. 

First prize winner will receive an exclusive follow up portfolio review with Joann! 

Winner will also be interviewed for our chapter blog.

First and 2nd runners up will receive gift cards.

All participants will be included in our digital catalog that will be on our website and emailed to art directors this fall. We’ll be making a list of your dream publishers at the event so they can be included on the mailer.

More info will follow about the event details but here's the info you'll need to get started on contest submissions. 

  • Image will be used as the cover of a PDF and may be used for regional promotions (You'll retain all other rights and usage). Non winning images will be included as well but will be smaller throughout the catalog.
  • We'd love to see art with kid lit iconography, but other than that the subject is open to what would be beneficial for you and your portfolio. 
  • Design should fit within 8" wide x 10" tall in a vertical format. Because there will be text on the top portion please keep the main focal point on approximately the bottom ¾ of the page. 
  • 300 DPI CMYK image
  • Please deliver as a high res jpg. 
  • Email all entries to Lizzie at by August 31st. Email must include your name, portfolio website and/or contact info, any social handles you want to include. This info will be included with your art.
  • Please ask Lizzie if you have questions. Incorrect proportions and delivery may unfortunately be disqualified. 
  • Art must be original but does not have to be created solely for this contest. *No AI will be accepted.
  • Eligibility: Entry is open to SCBWI Westchester chapter members only. This is an illustration contest but writers who are interested in pursuing professional illustration are welcome to submit as well. 
  • By submitting art to the contest, participants grant SCBWI Westchester permission to use the winning image digitally and on print materials.

Free admission for contest participants. Registration Details coming soon.

*SCBWI Policy on AI

For over 50 years, SCBWI has encouraged and celebrated the creativity, dedication, and lived experiences of our members. This is a bedrock principle of our organization. Therefore, we are opposed to any use of text-prompted generative AI in writing, illustrating or other aspects of creating children’s books until fair policies and regulations are established to protect the work of all human creators. Currently, generative AI developers train their systems on human-made work, unethically using and copying this work without regard for copyright, credit, or compensation. Our position on AI goes beyond these immediate issues. While generative AI is an intriguing technology, we don’t believe it produces unique and meaningful creations. As a community, we craft and cherish transformative books brought to life through imagination and talent, human heart and soul. The power and joys of children’s literature originate from a creator’s inventiveness, talents, and hard-earned skills. We have a responsibility to young readers everywhere to make the immersive books they need and deserve. The stories and art we create have the power to change lives. We make books to share ourselves and inspire others. It is long, difficult, and immensely personal work, and it cannot be any other way. No technology can ever replace your labors, your vision, and your urge to create. Our community wants to see the world through your eyes, and hear your voice. Young people need books as singular and original as you.