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SCBWI BookStop 2020 FAQ





BookStop 2020 launches on October 6!  Pages may be created at any time during the promotion period through November 30.


Books that are published in the calendar year of 2018, 2019,  2020 or WILL BE published in 2020, are eligible to participate.  You may have more than one book on BookStop but a page for each must be purchased separately.



The SCBWI BookStop is a fantastic way for SCBWI members to boost your newly published book’s outreach. Design a one-of-a-kind, online page that gives visitors an inside look at you and your book.

For $25, you can choose from one of our beautiful pre-designed templates, which will be hosted here at for the general public to browse, purchase, and enjoy! You may list more than one book but you must purchase a new page for each book. 

We want you to take full advantage of the entire seven-week promotion period, so have your page ready by our launch date, October 6. You can still purchase an SCBWI BookStop any time between then and November 30.

The SCBWI BookStop promotion will last seven weeks, from October 6  to November 30, and is available for all books published in 2018, 2019, and 2020.


To see an example of the templates, CLICK HERE!


Ready to get started?

To purchase an SCBWI BookStop: members simply log in to and click “My SCBWI BookStop” on the left side of your profile.


INSTRUCTIONS for creating your SCBWI BookStop page




Q: Can I make an SCBWI BookStop for my app or ebook?

A: Sure! Apps and ebooks are welcome along with hard copy and paperback books.


Q: How long does the SCBWI BookStop period last?

A: SCBWI BookStop is a seven-week promotion, launching on October 6 and ending on November 30. Your page will be visible throughout that time and you can make edits at any time.


Q: When will my SCBWI BookStop page become accessible to the public?

A: All of the SCBWI BookStop pages will be launching together on October 6; after that point, we encourage you to publicize your page as much as you can.


Q: How do I promote my own SCBWI BookStop page?

A: We recommend putting your SCBWI BookStop on all of your social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. You’ll need to get the link to your personal page, which you can access by clicking ‘Preview SCBWI BookStop’ and using the URL from the top of the SCBWI BookStop page. Copy and paste that URL into all of your posts and tweets.


Q: How do I ‘submit’ my SCBWI BookStop when I’m finished editing?

A: After hitting ‘Save’ on your finalized page, you don’t have to do anything other than wait. Your SCBWI BookStop will automatically go live on the launch date, October 6.


Q: How long do I have to edit my page?

Make sure your page looks perfect and check for typos before the launch date, October 6. That being said, you can add or update information (like reviews or upcoming appearances) all throughout our SCBWI BookStop period.

You’ll be able to access your page through your member profile, as usual. You can edit your page at any time, up until the program ends on November 30.


Q: When I post my page link to Facebook I only see the SCBWI BookStop logo as the image and not my book. What’s going on?

A: When you paste the link to your SCBWI BookStop into a new Facebook post, Facebook will dynamically retrieve the “SCBWI BookStop” image, and place it in your post. If you click that “SCBWI BookStop” image, it will take you to the *full* SCBWI BookStop listing—it won’t yet go to your personal page.  That’s because you haven’t saved the Facebook post yet. After you click the blue “Post” button to save the post on your timeline, clicking the image *will* take you to your personal SCBWI BookStop page.

Note that the blue “Post” button is now gone, and so is the URL that you pasted in.  That URL is now the link when clicking the image.


Q: How will SCBWI promote BookStop?

SCBWI’s social media footprint has grown significantly over the last year now reaching more than 75,000 followers, a jump of 25% from 2019. With reposts and retweets, our reach is in the hundreds and thousands of book lovers and book buyers. We will be using promoted posts on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram stories, tagging literacy, parents/families, reader accounts, and all other avenues available to promote BookStop. We encourage page creators to use their social media to promote their page. If you don’t have social media accounts you’re really missing out on an easy no-cost way to communicate about your books.