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A Bunch of Activities to Accompany A PERFECT LITTLE MONSTER (and other books) 

Ages: 3-8 

Activities and teaching guide, including a video about how to use the book and printable pages for preschool and school.

Penny Morrison


A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK Activity Guide & Discussion

Ages: 5-10 

Do you love puns? How about rocks? Is reading maps your thing? This activity guide is full of all three! Whether you want to focus on figurative language, rock types and formations, or map-reading skills, you’ve come to the right place! Common Core and Next Gen Science Standards-aligned.

Jody Jensen Shaffer


Activities for CAPTAIN GREEN AND THE PLASTIC SCENE, a Picture Book About Saving the Seas

Ages: 4-9 

Creative activities for children to enjoy that encourage thinking about ways to save our seas from plastic.

Evelyn Bookless


Activities for Kids, Parents, & Teachers – Organized by BOOK, SUBJECT & THEME

Ages: 3-8 

Thematic (Seasons, Animals) downloadable/worksheets for writing, art, & science. “I Can” activities for younger kids. Activities are adaptable to other themes.

Dianne White


Activities for Picture Book Series The Gingerbread Man

Grades: PreK-3 

Fun Printable Book/Curriculum-Connected Activities and Teaching Guides for all five books in THE GINGERBREAD MAN LOOSE IN THE SCHOOL picture book series.

Laura Murray



Ages: 3-8 

Printables: Draw Sterling, make a Sterling Dog Hat, draw expressions, Juniper maze, character-design shape-challenge, storyboard template & more.

Aidan Cassie


Activity Bundles, Wallpaper Downloads, and More

Ages: 2-10 

Sharee Miller has many printable coloring sheets and activity sheets on their website!

Sharee Miller (SCBWI March 2020 Featured Illustrator)



Ages: 6-12 

This GUIDE—see upper RIGHT corner of the webpage—explores A RIDE TO REMEMBER’s story, plus has four Coloring Book pages.

Amy Nathan



Grades: PreK-5 

Activities for the aspiring inventor.

Mary Ann Fraser



Ages: 5-10 

Packet contains a range of activities for K-5: art, word games, and more!

Beth Anderson



Grades: K-4 

Bill Thomson’s web page includes activities, games, and curriculum guides related to his picture books.

Bill Thomson



Ages: 4-9 

The Chip and Curly activity kit and curriculum guide contains activity sheets and ideas for reading, writing, and art.

Cathy Breisacher


Activity Guide for KING OTTER and PINK LION

Ages: 2-9 

Make cakes for King Otter and a picnic for Pink Lion! Lots to draw and color, as well as games, things to make and play with, and even an origami peacock.

Jane Porter


Activity Guide for NO BEARS ALLOWED

Grades: PreK-3 

Author Lydia Lukidis offers worksheets, games, and activities for children to go along with her book, NO BEARS ALLOWED.

Lydia Lukidis


Activity Sheets for MARIELLE IN PARIS (Paper Doll with Clothes & a Pigeon Toy with Flappable Wings)

Ages: 4-8 

Printable PDF for Marielle the mouse paper doll and clothes to color and cut out. You can also create your own clothes for Marielle by taping the paper doll on a light table or taping to a window. (Print the paper doll on card stock and the clothes on regular weight printing paper.) PDF also available for Pierre the pigeon with flappable wings. (Print on regular weight printing paper.)

Jeanne B. de Sainte Marie


Activity Sheets for SCRIBBLE & AUTHOR

Ages: 4-8 

Downloadable sheets including creative art guides and a fun maze!

Miri Leshem-Pelly



Ages: 3-8 

Coloring pages and activity sheets from THE CROC AND THE PLATYPUS.

Jackie Hosking


Activity Sheets for THE STRAY and I AM A THIEF

Ages: 5+ 

Downloadable sheets which include fun illustrated activities such as word finds etc., to accompany the books THE STRAY and I AM A THIEF by Molly Ruttan!

Molly Ruttan


Animal Activity and Coloring Pages 

Ages: 3-8 

Coloring and activity pages featuring fun, furry animals.

Mariya Prytula


Arctic Animal Activities for DREAM FLIGHTS ON ARCTIC NIGHTS

Ages: 4-8

Coloring pages, word search, “Build Your Own Wings” craft, “Write and Draw Your Own Story” page, learning discussion topics, and other activities based on Arctic animals in the book DREAM FLIGHTS ON ARCTIC NIGHTS.

Brooke Hartman


Arctic Animal Research Mobile for SEA BEAR: A JOURNEY FOR SURVIVAL

Ages: 4-8

STEAM Project: Make a mobile of Arctic Creatures to accompany the book SEA BEAR. Combines research, problem-solving, and art.

Lindsay Moore


Austin, TX and Holiday Coloring Pages!

Ages: 4-9 

Downloadable coloring pages and papercrafts.

Julissa Mora


Awesome Alliteration Guide

Ages: 4-10 

Have fun with alliteration and wordplay with activities designed to be engaging and enriching!

Sandra V. Feder


Be A Maker: Maker Activities & Crafts 

Ages: 4-10 

Katey Howes shares #maker activities students can do at home during school closures, inspired by her popular picture book, BE A MAKER.

Katey Howes


Boredom Busters for Distance Learning

Ages: 3-10 

This blog has book activities, at-home learning ideas, crafts, book recommendations, and author interviews. There are a variety of choices for pre-school to elementary-aged kids.

Ann Marie Stephens


Bridge Building Activities

Ages: 5-10 

Using materials found at home kids can build their own girder, cantilever, and suspension bridges.

Jacquie Sewell


Bubba and Squirt’s Fun Stuff

Grades: 1-5

Webquests, word finds, crafts, recipes, and more that teach kids about Chinese and Mayan history and culture. Activities and teacher resources complement the books of the Bubba and Squirt Adventures.

Sherry Ellis


Bug Activity Sheets (including some printer-free fun!)

Ages: 3-9 

Activity sheets themed around bug picture book TULIP AND BRUTUS, including a maze, find-a-word, and fill-in-the-missing-letters.

Liz Ledden


Bug Belly Froggy Goodies

Ages: 5-8

Downloadable frog-themed crafts and activities with new content added every few weeks.

Paul Morton



Ages: 2-7 

Activity kit for picture book CALLING ALL CARS that includes puzzles, word games, and more.

Sue Fliess



Ages: 5-8 

This kit was created in connection with the book CARING FOR YOUR LION. It offers a crossword puzzle, a creative writing activity, and more.

Tammi Sauer



Ages: 4-9 

The Cavekid Birthday activity kit and curriculum guide contains activity sheets and ideas that tie into reading, writing, and art.

Cathy Breisacher


Celebrate Diversity with ARE YOUR STARS LIKE MY STARS?

Ages: 3-7 

Readers explore their world through crafts, coloring pages, international recipes, and a reading from ARE YOUR STARS LIKE MY STARS?

Heidi Woodward Sheffield


Chateau Meddybemps®

Ages: 3-15 is a large collection of original stories, photos and illustrations, engaging activities, and interactive fun, celebrating 25 years online.

Jerry Jindrich


Color Like an Illustrator – Free Coloring Pages

Ages: 3-10 

This gallery of printable color pages includes line drawings by Valerie Coulman and by the original illustrators of her picture books.

Valerie Coulman


Coloring Page Tuesday 

Ages: 4-8 

Elizabeth Dulemba has been creating their coloring pages every week for over a decade now and has never missed a Tuesday! They are created for teachers, librarians, booksellers, and parents to share with their children. Themes are: I love to read!, Holidays & Birthdays, Seasons, Patriotic, Fairies, Feel Better, and Fun Stuff! All FREE! Also, sign up for Elizabeth’s weekly newsletter to receive each week’s coloring page, and interviews with children’s book authors and illustrators directly to your inbox here.

Elizabeth Dulemba 


Coloring Pages, Activities, and Teacher/Parent Resources

Grades: PreK-5 

Coloring pages, activities, and teacher/parent resources that go along with the books PICKLES, PICKLES, I LIKE PICKLES and JOBS OF A PRESCHOOLER. (Books are not needed to enjoy these activities.)

Brigitte Brulz



Ages: 3-8 

Enjoy a perfectly good time coloring (even outside the lines!) using scenes directly from PRISCILLA’S PERFECT TEA PARTY!

Jill Friestad-Tate


Creatures and Characters Activities and Coloring Pages

Ages: 3-10 

You can download and print activity pages and coloring pages based on author-illustrator Timothy Young’s books.

Timothy Young



Ages: 4+ 

Download this PDF file for a fun game you can make!

Rick Starkey 


Illustrate Picture Book REMEMBER ME?

Ages: 4-12 

Corinne Demas invites readers to illustrate her unpublished new picture book, REMEMBER ME? , a story that celebrates the ingenuity of kids in these hard times. (Free download.) Send her your favorite illustration to post on her website.

Corinne Demas 


Josh Funk’s Activity Kits & Coloring Pages

Grades: 2+  

Enjoy these fun packs with your family for books like LADY PANCAKE & SIR FRENCH TOAST, LOST IN THE LIBRARY, ALBIE NEWTON, PIRASAURS!, and more!

Josh Funk 


LitPick Lessons FREE Downloads

Grades: PreK-5 

Faith-based lessons (coloring sheets, recipes, word games, and more) from the BIBLE ADVENTURE BOOK OF SCAVENGER HUNTS, printable and downloadable for free on newly launched LitPick Lessons.

Kelly Anne White


Make a Little Home 

Grades: PreK-5 

Make a cute 3-dimensional character of a house from 1 piece of paper. Optional hats are available for the character.

Charise Harper 


#WaterPoemProject, Conversation Starters, and Educator Guides

Grades: PreK-5  

Children’s authors are sharing thirty days of poetry prompts on the theme of WATER. Other educational material also available. 

Laura Shovan


Writing a Mirror Poem | Day 14 of #VerseLove with Ethical ELA

Ages: 8+ 

Write a mirror poem with SCBWI Golden Kite winner Padma Venkatraman: A one-off short, but challenging writing activity with examples. 

Padma Venkatraman










Coloring Pages: Robots from BETTY BUILDS IT! 

Ages: 3-8 

Coloring pages from the BETTY BUILDS IT! Book Guide! 

Julie Hampton


Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals Activity Sheet

Ages: 6-10 

Test your knowledge about Irish animals and have fun with a word search and a drawing challenge.

Aga Grandowicz


Crafting Your Own Games

Ages: 4+ 

Find games you can make and play on Rick’s website.

Rick Starkey 


Crafts, Coloring Pages, and Live Readings

Ages: 5-8

Join author Tracy Blom on Youtube as they read from their books. Tracy also has a website for their books with free coloring pages and crafts listed.

Tracy Blom


Crafts & Learning Activities

Grades: PreK-2

A website with crafts, activity and coloring sheets, as well as teaching guides covering common core topics.

Jen Betton


Crafty Days

Grades: PreK-5

Fun and easy craft projects for kids posted daily that teach art skills and spark imagination.

Vanessa Roeder


Create a Crayon Doodle Keepsake Diary

Ages: 4+ 

Join author Natascha Biebow author of THE CRAYON MAN in making a Special Crayon Doodle Keepsake Box. Add crayon drawings, doodles, and cartoon strips to express how you’re feeling and as a keepsake of what you’re learning or doing. Use the wonderful colors in nature as inspiration!

Natascha Biebow


Create a Reading Buddy Cat

Ages: 1-6 

Free instructions with photos for an easy-to-make cat reading buddy to help your new reader practice reading to a friend.

Curtis Manley 


Create Your Own Comic – Zombie Goldfish Style

Ages: 6-10 

Mo O’Hara and Marek Jagucki have top tips for Creating your own Comic strip in the style of My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish. 

Mo O’Hara 


Creating Characters

Ages: 7-10 

A slideshow-based primer for creating engaging and memorable characters.

Stephanie Campisi 


Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches and Picture Books

Ages: 4-8 

Mister Figg will have crossword puzzles and word searches available on their website here that follow the theme of their picture books. As time moves on, they may add more crossword puzzles and word searches on random topics.

Mister Figg


Cryptozoology Research Game

Ages: 8-12 

Enjoy this research game that explores legendary animals like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, all while fulfilling Next Generation Science Standards!

Lija Fisher


Curriculum-Aligned, Multi-Disciplinary Activities With a Coastal Theme

Ages: 4-8 

“Create-your-own comic,” skit script, word search, writing prompts, and more based on the humorous book, WHERE DOES A PIRATE GO POTTY?

Dawn Babb Prochovnic


Curriculum-Aligned, Multi-Disciplinary Activities With a Western United States Theme

Ages: 4-8 

“Create-your-own comic,” script for skit, word search, writing prompts and more based on the humorous book, WHERE DOES A COWGIRL GO POTTY?

Dawn Babb Prochovnic



Ages: 2-7 

Storytime tips, coloring and cutting out activities featuring Little Fox and other characters from picture books written by Janet Bingham. 

Janet Bingham 



Ages: 7-12 

Set in 1933 Appalachia, DAHLIA IN BLOOM is a middle grade historical fiction novel for readers ages 7-12.

Susan Koehler


Daisy’s Perfect Word Activity Guide

Ages: 4-10 

Explore language with fun at-home activities including helping your child make lists of favorite words and give the gift of a favorite word.

Sandra V. Feder


Deborah Zemke Fun Stuff

Ages: 4-10 

Fun, creative, informative activity pages based on Deborah Zemke’s picture, chapter, and doodle books and her Critter Crackups for Ranger Rick magazine.

Deborah Zemke


Design Your Own Pirate Flag

Ages: 4-8 

Design your own pirate flag with Haggis and Tank!

Jessica Young 


Design Your Own Story

Ages: 6-12 

Creative Writing Workshop: discuss what makes a good story, and download the worksheet to design your own.

Donna Vann


Ding the Dog Daily Writing Prompt

Grades: K-5

Our pets help us connect and Ding the Dog wants to help! Write (or draw) your response to the daily writing prompt. Please feel free to share your creations via author website or social media.

Molly McCluskey-Shipman



Ages: 2-5

DINNER AT THE PANDA PALACE is a rollicking, rhyming counting and sorting book with a theme of kindness and welcome. March 21st is Mr. Panda’s 29th birthday. Come listen. Come celebrate! Learning pages are available on the author’s website.

Stephanie Calmenson


DINOSAUR DEVOTIONS: 75 Dino Discoveries, Bible Truths, Fun Facts, and More!

Ages: 6-12 

DINOSAUR DEVOTIONS will encourage your children spiritually and help them uncover fascinating facts about dinosaurs. The book offers “Did you know?” and Jurassic journaling sections, as well as Digging Deeper questions. The worksheet builds on the book.

Michelle Medlock Adams



Ages: 8-13 

Discussion guide and activity kit for Kim Long’s LEXI MAGILL AND THE TELEPORTATION TOURNAMENT. 

Kim Long


Division Decoders PDF Activity Book 

Grades: 3-5

Thirty puzzles and fascinating animal questions answered by solving division fact problems. Puzzles also help with map-reading skills and following directions. The book will be offered for free during March and April.

Evelyn B. Christensen


DIY Jetpack

Ages: 3-11 

Build your own jetpack that’s perfect for pretend play, simply using materials commonly found around your home.

Lisl H. Detlefsen



Ages: 3-7 

Easy instructions for making superhero capes for plush animals using fabric scraps.

Carmela LaVigna Coyle


Doodle and Peck Publishing

Ages: 4-12 

Enjoy these free, developmentally appropriate, literacy activities created to accompany our books (or any book!) for young readers.

Marla Jones 


Double Happiness Origami Box and Poetry Kit

Ages: 6-9 

Using this activity, readers can follow prompts to collect words for a poem about place and an origami box to house their poem.

Nancy Tupper Ling


Downloadable Activities

Ages: 4-10

Crafts and activities, including drawing instruction, paper models, puppet crafts and more.

Jen Morris


Downloadable FROM HERE TO THERE Post Card Activity

Ages: 4-8 

Write and send a postcard to your loved one!

Sue Fliess


Downloadable Puzzles, Coloring Sheets, and Activity Books

Grades: K-3 

Free, educational activities for pre-school and prep aged children. Downloadable recipes, puzzles, coloring sheets, and activity books.

Georgie Donaghey


Easy Boredom Busters During the Pandemic

Ages: 5-9 

Boredom busters for kids at home. 

Susan Langlois 


Easy DIY Kids Crafts and Recipes

Grades: PreK-5

Photos and instructions for kids’ crafts and kid-friendly recipes for PreK-5.

Naomi Gruer


Eat Your Homework, At-Home

Ages: 6-11 

Using the universal tie-in of food, kids can discover math, science, and history tidbits without leaving their kitchen!

Ann McCallum Staats


Elise Parsley’s Free Coloring Pages

Ages: 2-8 

Enjoy a variety of coloring and activity pages based on the books from bestselling author-illustrator Elise Parsley!

Elise Parsley 


ELLA AND PENGUIN Crafts & Activities

Ages: 4-8 

Make a Penguin mask, and have fun with ELLA AND PENGUIN coloring and connect-the-dot pages!

Megan Maynor



Ages: 3-10 

Are you in a tough spot? Has life got you down? You need EMERGENCY KITTENS! Enjoy coloring Mimi, Twee-Twee, and Adorbs as they leap into action! There’s nothing like a superhero kitten!

Jody Jensen Shaffer


Encouragement for New Readers

Ages: 1-6 

Free PDF activity about encouraging new readers with a reading companion, nursery rhymes, and by acting out stories. Based on THE SUMMER NICK TAUGHT HIS CATS TO READ.

Curtis Manley 


Everything’s Better When You Work Together!

Grades: PreK-5 

Based on WHEN PENCIL MET ERASER, one of 2019’s best picture books named by Parents Magazine, this activity kit focuses on friendship and inspires creativity.

Karen Kilpatrick


Explore the Seashore

Ages: 5-8 

Explore the Northeast Coast with free printable handouts and craft ideas from Joanne Roach Evans’s kids’ page on her website. Learn about seashells and more via her YouTube videos.

Joanne Roach Evans


Families Growing in Faith

Ages: 4-8 

Easy, fun, and spiritual activities based on verses from the book, MAMA, I WANT TO SEE GOD.

Vanessa Fortenberry


Family, Friendship & Freedom: Discussion & Activity Guides and Printables for Kids

Ages: 5-11 

Discussion and activity guides for educators and parents and printables for kids that explore themes of family, freedom, and friendship.

Kelly Starling Lyons


Fifty Family Games

Ages: 2-8+ 

This is a set of fifty+ family games and activities for two or more players, tested by Brenna’s young family many years ago.

Beverley Brenna 



Ages: 5-9 

A coloring page from FIONA FINDS LOVE, a picture book featuring a touching cat rescue perfect for ages 5+.

Rhonda Lucas Donald


FOSSIL: Kid’s Activity Guide

Ages: 4-8 

A package of activities and games for the wordless picture book, FOSSIL, by Bill Thomson.

Bill Thomson


Free Activities, Crafts, Readers’ Theater, & More 

Grades: PreK-3 

Oodles of downloadable fun to use with NOT NORMAN, VAMPIRE BABY, DANCE, Y’ALL, DANCE, ONE DAY I WENT RAMBLING & read-alouds of these books, too!

Kelly Bennett


Free Downloadable Activities!

Grades: K-2 

A variety of craft activities related to my books.

Anna Raff


Free Downloadable Activities for Pre-School and Prep

Ages: 0-6

Free downloadable content for pre-school and prep aged children, including activities and coloring in.

Michelle Worthington


Free Downloadable Coloring Pages

Ages: 4-10 

Coloring Pages based on the Spend Then children’s financial series, which educates children on financial literacy and their self and wealth.

Paige Cornetet


Free Downloads of Games/Puzzles

Ages: 3-7

Melissa Iwai has a collection of free downloadable activity sheets based on the various books they have illustrated over the years. These include different puzzles (word searchers, mazes), games, and crafts.

Melissa Iwai


FREE Kids Stuff and Teacher Notes

Ages: 4-11 

FREE Kids Stuff: emotional & mental well-being, bully prevention, environment, empowerment, space, grandparents, reef, rainforest, bees.

Karen Tyrrell 


FREE National Park Book Series Activities

Ages: 8-12 

Free printable National Park Book Series Activities: Book Character Coloring page and a Growing selection of Cipher Code Brain Teasers.

Jeff Alt 


Frog’s Life Cycle Coloring Sheet

Ages: 5-8 

Coloring sheet and learning material.

Aga Grandowicz


Fun Animal Idioms and Storytime Activities!

Grades: PreK-5 

Are you sly as a fox? Happy as a clam? Introduce animal idioms with fun craft activities and interactive storytime!

Chiêu Anh Urban


Fun, Free Writing and Drawing Activities

Grades: PreK-5 

Here are some fun drawing and story-telling activities for parents, teachers, and librarians to share with kids.

Marty Kelley


Fun Printable Worksheets and Crafts

Ages: 4-9 

Fun, printable, art and writing activities that complement Hannah E. Harrison’s picture books!

Hannah E. Harrison 


Fun Writing Activities

Ages: 7-11 

Tamsin is offering daily writing activities including wacky story prompts, designing revolting sandwiches and discovering your spirit animal.

Tamsin Cooke


Garden Party and Meet the Quackers

Ages: 3-8 

Please visit Tania’s website for free coloring page downloads featuring characters from her picture books. Let’s have some coloring FUN!

Tania Guarino


Get Up and Move! with Learning Materials

Ages: 3-9

Fun, free, educational activities; Get Up and Move! dance-along videos. New materials and movement videos posted frequently.

Charlotte Gunnfuson


GOD’S PROTECTION Activity Packet

Grades: PreK-5 

This activity packet for the picture book GOD’S PROTECTION COVERS ME by Amy Houts includes a game, coloring pages, and more.

Amy Houts



Ages: 3-8 

After reading about the rabbit family in GOODNIGHT BUBBALA, kids can print out and write, draw and make their own Me & My Family journals.

Sheryl Haft


Guardian Angel Publishing Inspired Activities

Ages: 4-10 

This is a free activity book compiled of coloring pages, puzzles, and reading activities.

Jennifer Gladen


HANNAH AND SUGAR Coloring Sheets

Ages: 2-8 

Free PDFs of printable drawing and coloring sheets from Kate Berube’s book HANNAH AND SUGAR.

Kate Berube


Help Wanted, Must Love Books

Ages: 4-7 

Downloadable coloring pages, extra content relating to backmatter (character resumes), and videos.

Janet Sumner Johnson


Holiday Program 

Ages: 4+ 

Weekly activities based on the Billie B Brown books for children 4+.

Sally Rippin


Homebound Activities

Grades: PreK-2

Activity pages and creative activities (without printing!) to do with children.

Wendy BooydeGraaff


Homophone Hunt Printable Activity

Ages: 5-8 

Go on a homophone hunt with Haggis and Tank with this printable activity page.

Jessica Young



Ages: 4+ 

Help Honey find his way home, make cornbread like young Abe would have eaten, and even build your own log cabin (with pretzels) to bring HONEY to life.

Shari Swanson 


Horace & Nim

Ages: 3-6 

Coloring in, join the dots, and find the acorn!

Chantal Bourgonje


How the Squid Got Two Long Arms

Grades: PreK-5 

Squid-related art activities.

Henry Herz 


How to Make a Pet Pig Rock

Ages: 5-10 

Learn how to make a super cute pet pig rock with items you probably have at home!

Tina Mollie Fisher


Howard B. Wigglebottom

Ages: 3-8 

Millions learn & play with Howard B. Wigglebottom Educational: write your own book, color by computer, Match Game Finding. Explore more here

Howard Binkow 


Humpback Migration Game

Ages: 4-7 

Children mimic the migration journey of a baby humpback whale.

Jamie Hogan 



Ages: 3-6 

Perfect for little ones, these activities reinforce the warm sentiments of this special board book by bestselling author Michelle Medlock Adams.

Michelle Medlock Adams 


I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE Remote Learning Activities

Ages: 5-7 

Perfect for remote learning, this activity guide ties to the children’s picture book I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE by Libby Martinez and Pat Mora. 

Libby Martinez


I WILL BE FIERCE Storytime Kit

Grades: PreK-5 

This kit has discussion questions about I WILL BE FIERCE and activities, including a goal-setting exercise and a self-portrait project.

Bea Birdsong


IF I WERE A PARK RANGER National Park-themed Free Online Activity Packet

Ages: 4-10

For national park fans and future park rangers: Download these free, fun and challenging national park-themed activities! These activities complement the book IF I WERE A PARK RANGER (Albert Whitman & Co) by Catherine Stier and illustrated by Patrick Corrigan.

Catherine Stier



Ages: 5-7 

Color Little Mouse from IF YOU WANT TO FALL ASLEEP. 

Jackie Azúa Kramer



Ages: 3-8 

Fun, educational and engaging activities to accompany the picture book IF YOUR MONSTER WON’T GO TO BED. Counting, sequencing, mixing, matching and more! 

Denise Vega


IIStayHome – Fun Activities with Chloe&Claus

Ages: 3-7 

Educational activity sheets to animate creativity, introduced by Chloe & Claus, two children/characters also kept at home during these days.

Carme Lemniscates


In the Middle of the Night Activity Sheets

Ages: 4-8

Hide-n-Seek Maze, Word Search, Color Me!, Fill Your Pocket, Write a Night Poem, Bookmarks.

Angela Matteson


Insect Activity Guide

Ages: 5-8 

Includes a crossword puzzle, insect observation, and writing prompts for the nonfiction insect book THE WORLD NEVER SLEEPS (but also stands alone). 

Natalie Rompella


Inspiring Creativity and Coloring Pages 

Ages: 3-8

Linked art and writing prompts. New ones will be added. Kids Need Mentors first graders enjoyed them. Plus coloring pages.

Stephanie Ruble


Intergalactic Passover Voyage

Grades: PreK-3

Have fun helping Asteroid Goldberg (and your family) prepare for an intergalactic Passover! Blasting off every weekday -10am Pacific Time.

Brianna Caplan Sayres



Ages: 3-10 

In this second book in the Busy Bus series, Busy Bus and Ben the bus driver are taking the kids on a field trip. They’re going to meet big, shiny, red fire Engine 4! Have fun coloring this page from the book!

Jody Jensen Shaffer



Ages: 3-8 

Download an Easter-themed ChloeZoe Activity Kit by scrolling down to the Activities & Resources header and clicking the link. Enjoy!

Jane Smith



Ages: 3-8 

Do you have someone starting school? Prepare them with these fun activities. The “Parts of a Bus” folder games focuses on decoding words. “Story Sequencing” helps kids retell Busy Bus’s story. And the “Busy Bus Adjective Poem” uses words from the story for kids’ own poetry. Common Core-aligned.

Jody Jensen Shaffer 


JAGGER JONES themed Escape Room Activity

Ages: 9-13

Follow directions to lead kids through an ancient Egypt themed escape room style activity with puzzles, clues, and mystery.

Malayna Evans


J is for Justify

Ages: 3-10 

Free downloadable activities including coloring pages based on the horse illustrations from the book J is for Justify.

Lesley A.J. Baumann


Juicy Literacy BINGO!

Ages: 5-10 

Challenge your children and students to ramp up their reading and writing with a range of accessible, engaging literacy activities.

April Jones Prince 


JUST RIGHT Astronomy & STEM Activities

Ages: 9-11

Six PDF activities about exoplanets and our just-right planet (Earth) based on JUST RIGHT: SEARCHING FOR THE GOLDILOCKS PLANET (book not needed to enjoy these activities).

Curtis Manley


KAZU JONES Activity Packet

Ages: 8-12

This KAZU JONES activity packet includes drawing activities, a completion exercise and a cipher kids can use to write their own secret messages.

Shauna Holyoak


Katie Kazoo Classroom Crew

Ages: 6-8 

A collection of fun activities based on the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo book series. 

Nancy Krulik


Khula the Elephant’s African Wildlife Activities

Ages: 4-10 

Discover fun facts about wildlife and animal conservation with our activity pages. Learn Zulu words as you journey along with Khula the elephant.

Bonnie J. Fladung


Kidfunideas Crafts and Projects for Kids

Ages: 2-8 

Join Eileen Mayo on Kidfunideas YouTube channel and on the Kidfunideas website here for FREE crafts, games, activities, jokes, and recipes for kids.

Eileen Mayo 


Kingfisher Coloring Sheet

Ages: 5-8 

Coloring sheet for anyone that loves wildlife and coloring.

Aga Grandowicz


Kitty Litter Cake

Grades: PreK-5 

Recipe for baking a Kitty Litter Cake as an at-home activity in conjunction with reading Won Ton – A Cat Tale Told in Haiku.

Lee Wardlaw


Learn About Buffalo!

Grades: 3-8 

Free activity guide to learn about the American buffalo. Not necessary to read the author’s book to enjoy!

Desiree Webber


Learning Fun with KATIE COMMA!

Ages: 5-9 

FREE, downloadable, and fun activity sheets to accompany the picture book KATIE COMMA, by B.B Swann and illustrator Maja Andersen.

B.B. Swann


Let’s Build Activity Guide 

Ages: 2-7 

Let’s Build activity guide.

Sue Fliess


Let’s Make Antler Headbands!

Ages: 3-7 

Author video on making antler headbands, inspired by WADE’S WIGGLY ANTLERS.

Louise Bradford 


LitLinks: Highlighting Natural Connections Between STEM and Language Arts

Ages: 5-12 

Educators, authors, and scientists share discrete lesson plans that highlight the natural connection between children’s literature, STEM, and language arts.

Patricia Newman


LOLA AND GRANDPA Picture Book Activities

Ages: 5-10 

Fun art activity sheets including Daisy maze, Join-the-dots, color-in, how-to-draw Patch the dog, Spot the Creature in Grandpa’s garden.

Yvonne Low 


LOON CHASE Teaching Activities

Ages: 5-10 

29 pages of ELA, Science, Math, Geography & Citizenship activities about loons, bird life cycles, and the impacts of human recreation on wildlife.

J.H. Diehl


LOP-EARED LILY Coloring Page

Ages: 3-8 

Color a page from LOP-EARED LILY, the little dog whose ears don’t mind the rules. 

Rhonda Lucas Donald


LOST. FOUND. Teacher’s Guide

Grades: PreK-8 

The LOST. FOUND. teacher’s guide includes games, projects, and activities on writing, language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Marsha Diane Arnold 


Love, Mama Mother’s Day Craft

Grades: PreK-2 

Printable template to make a heart-shaped picture frame you can decorate for Mom.

Jeanette Bradley



Grades: PreK-5 

Coloring pages, mask design, bilingual learning to accompany LUCIA THE LUCHADORA readers.

Alyssa Bermudez


MAGIC RAMEN Activity Kit 

Ages: 4-10 

Make your own Cup Noodle, have a Ramen Relay Race, and check out STEM & community service ideas!

Andrea Wang 


Make a Bird Feeder!

Ages: 3-8 

Birds are always hungry! Craft project instructions on how to make a cookie-cutter bird feeder.

Carmela LaVigna Coyle


Make a Book From One Sheet of Paper

Ages: 5-10 

With one piece of paper and one snip of your scissors, you can make a homemade book, journal, sketchbook, or comic!

April Prince Jones 


Make a Frog Pop-up Card

Ages: 5-10 

Make a frog pop-up card.

Mary Ann Fraser


Make a Night Owl Origami

Ages: 5-10 

Make an origami owl.

Mary Ann Fraser


“Making Of” Picture Book Videos

Ages: 5-10

Creative process videos that show how several picture books by Lita Judge were made.

Lita Judge


Mama’s Belly Activity Kit

Grades: PreK-2 

Illustrated, downloadable activity kit perfect for families with a baby on the way.

Kate Hosford 


Marine Mammals Worksheets

Ages: 4-8

Printable worksheets about marine mammals. Includes several drawing activities, a word scramble, and a word search!

Cassandra Federman


Mary Had a Little Lab Activity Kit

Ages: 2-7 

Mary Had a Little Lab activity kit.

Sue Fliess


MAY I COME IN? Reader’s Theatre, Coloring Sheet, Rhyming Sheet, Fill-in-Blank

Grades: PreK-2 

Four different activities for MAY I COME IN? – Reader’s Theatre, Coloring Sheet, Rhyming, and Fill-in-the Blank.

Marsha Diane Arnold 


Maximillian Villainous Crafts and Activities

Ages: 4-8 

Letter writing activities, crafts, and coloring pages. 

Margaret Chiu Greanias


Mindfulness for Kids and Exploring World Cultures

Ages: 4-8

Guiding mindfulness exercises for kids, from Whitney Stewart’s different books and cards. Whitney Stewart will also provide lessons in food culture and cooking on their Instagram LIVE.

Whitney Stewart 


MINE! Coloring & Activity Sheets

Ages: 3-8 

Download coloring pages and activity sheets (connect-the-dot, word find, maze, and drawing prompt) adapted from the picture book MINE!

Susie Lee Jin


Moose Mischief

Ages: 5-12 

Moose Mischief author and illustrator Danielle Gillespie-Hallinan hosts a YouTube kids’ channel (here) with more than 50 videos, featuring art, science and craft projects. Many of these videos also have an educational component. Kids can learn about beavers, bears, foxes, dragonflies, bees, butterflies, and more. In her latest video, she and the moose show children how to make handprint flowers to thank workers providing essential services during COVID-19. She is asking kids to display their flowers at home in the window and post photos of them to Instagram with the hashtag #thankworkers.

Danielle Gillespie-Hallinan 


More Than 100 Activity Sheets

Grades: K-5

Scott Soeder put together an Activity Sheet eBook that can be downloaded and printed.

Scott Soeder



Ages: 4-9 

Fun sheet guides to making snails and spiders from paper bag handles and a nature notebook for you to record your nature walk findings – all available as downloadable pdfs plus how to video, step by step guide to make a paper bag snail and spider – all inspired by the picture book MORNING, SUNSHINE!

Keely Parrack



Ages: 2-7 


Sue Fliess


Multi-Subject Activity Kits & Book Fun

Grades: PreK-3

Three activity kits (language arts, math, science, puzzles), book trailers, songs, games, display own art. Can be completed without reading the author’s books. Go here to have children’s book-related art projects displayed.

Dee Leone


Music Conducting 101 for Kids

Ages: 5-11 

Video made for Penny Candy Books about how to make a conductor’s baton and conduct.

Diane Worthey


Musical Storytime With Miss Joni

Ages: 1-8 

Author/songwriter Joni Klein-Higger shares Judaic family-oriented videos filled with original and traditional songs, books and fun activities for families to do at home.

Joni Klein-Higger


My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Activity Pack

Ages: 6-10 

Various downloadable games, puzzles, crafts, and activities themed around the My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish series by Mo O’Hara. 

Mo O’Hara 


MY BLUE IS HAPPY Printable Activity Pages

Ages: 5-8 

Cross-curricular activities that go with picture book MY BLUE IS HAPPY (and many also stand alone).

Jessica Young



Ages: 3-6 

Spring is the time for a busy green garden! Find two links to educational resources for this rollicking garden story.

Terry Pierce 


My Fangtastically Evil Vampire Pet Activity Kit

Ages: 7-11 

Various puzzles, games, crafts, and activities around the theme of the My Fangtastically Evil Vampire Pet series by Mo O’Hara. 

Mo O’Hara 


Nature Activities to Download

Ages: 6-12 

Diane Lang’s website has lots and lots of downloadable activities about animals and all of nature. This site also has nature poems, quotes, and book recommendations.

Diane Lang


Nature Activities Guide

Ages: 4-10 

Some activities to study the natural world around you. Spend time with the child or grandchild in your life.

Aimée M. Bissonette


Nature: Earth Day Activity Pages

Ages: 5-9 

For nature-loving kids: Download activity sheets to complement the non-fiction picture book NATURE’S FRIEND: THE GWEN FROSTIC STORY.

Lindsey McDevitt


Nomster Chef 

Ages: 2-12 

Nomster Chef is a website that helps kids 2-12 learn to cook with their grown-ups.

Ashley Moulton


Octicorn Party!

Ages: 3-10

How to throw an Octicorn Party! Everything you will need to know to have an Octicorn party for whoever happens to be at your house! Includes tips on baking Octicorn cupcakes, making Octicorn party hats, a downloadable coloring poster and other activity ideas. (Because every day is a good day for an Octicorn Party!)

Kevin Diller


Ohana Means Family Activity Sheet

Ages: 2-6 

Fun art, writing, cooking, and gardening activities, and more!

Ilima Loomis


One Thing for Today

Ages: 1-5

Each post offers one idea for your baby, one for your toddler, for your preschooler & something for parents too.

Angela Cerrito


Packing Light — Take a Trip with Haggis and Tank!

Ages: 4-8 

Pack your suitcase and take a trip with Haggis and Tank!

Jessica Young


Paper Doll Activity

Ages: 4-8 

Have fun creating paper dolls! Dress Arabella and Avery from the picture book ARABELLA AND THE MAGIC PENCIL.

Shaney Hyde


Parent and Teacher Resource Pages

Ages: 3-11 

Parent and educator resource with links to activities, coloring pages and lesson plans for multiple books for elementary and PreK. 

Rebecca Evans 


Pat Miller Book Activities

Ages: 5-8 

Find engaging activities, read-alouds, scripts, teacher guides, and craft activities to go with 4 of Pat Miller’s most popular books.

Pat Miller 


Pet This Book Printable Activities and Coloring Pages

Ages: 2-8 

Invent a pet, make a rhyme, draw things animals need, and color!

Jessica Young


Picture Book Printables

Ages: 3-7 

Author-illustrator, Jennifer Hansen Rolli, has created reader/writer activity sheets to coordinate with books JUST ONE MORE and CLAUDIA & MOTH.

Jennifer Hansen Rolli


Pippa Pigeon Puppet Making Activity

Ages: 5+ 

Take off with Dimity Powell in a step-by-step guide to making your own flying bird puppet. #Comeflywithme and Pippa!

Dimity Powell 


Play This Book Printable Activities and Coloring Pages

Ages: 2-8 

Make your own instrument, match instruments to their sounds, make a rhyme, and color!

Jessica Young


Poppy’s Best Teacher Guides and Activity Pak

Ages: 4-11 

Teacher/Parent Guides and Activity Pak for POPPY’S BEST PAPER & POPPY’S BEST BABIES. 

Susan Eaddy


Printable Rabbit Bookmarks and Puppets

Ages: 3-11 

Printable RABBIT HEAD PUPPETS to color & cut! BOOKMARKS that kind of look like pez! What’s not to love? Assemble your printed puppets using objects from home: pencils? straws? A stick from outside? Get creative and color some bunnies for Springtime fun.

Faith Pray


PRUDENCE THE PART-TIME COW Discussion/Activity Guide and Coloring Sheet

Ages: 5-10 

Prudence is a STEM-loving cow! She’s a scientist, architect, and engineer. This activity guide walks readers through the engineering process. It also contains pre-reading activities and a crossword puzzle. Aligned to Common Core and Next Gen Science Standards.

Jody Jensen Shaffer


Puffy the Train: Learning Colors Coloring Sheets

Ages: 3-5 

4 coloring worksheets of happy trains with color words to practice reading color words.

Nancy I. Sanders


Puppets and Coloring Pages

Ages: 4-7 

Coloring pages and a puppet theatre project.

Mary Newell DePalma 


Qualities I Like in Friendship

Ages: 7-11 

Worksheet: What qualities do you like in friendship?

Jessica Speer


Reader’s Theater for THE LITTLE PIANO GIRL

Ages: 8-10 

Reader’s Theater for THE LITTLE PIANO GIRL, the story of jazz legend Mary Lou Williams.

Maryann Macdonald


Reading and Writing Extension Activities

Ages: 8-12 

Engaging reading and writing extension activities which can be used with the DEL TORO MOON series or other favorite books.

Darby Karchut, author of DEL TORO MOON


Reading Comprehension for Grade 4-6

Grades: 4-6 

Short readings from the book, ANIMAL CURIOSITIES, with follow-up comprehension activities and answer key. It includes Dolphin and Porpoise, Meerkat, Capybara, and African Elephant and Asian Elephant. 

Linda Polon and Hitomi Otani


READY, SET, BUILD! Activity Kit

Ages: 3-8 

Add to the READY, SET, BUILD! fun with STEAM Activities including a Builders Toolkit, Build-a-blueprint, Make-and-Measure Bookmark, and Coloring Sheets.

Meg Fleming


READY, SET, SAIL! Activity Kit

Ages: 3-8 

Coloring sheets, Memory-Matching Game, Songs, Rhyming Activities… all designed to accompany the fun adventure found in READY, SET, SAIL!

Meg Fleming 



Ages: 4-10 

Fun quiz and activities to download to accompany the brand new, hilarious picture book RIBBIT RABBIT ROBOT.

Victoria Mackinlay


Rita Goldner Free Stuff for Kids

Grades: K-4 

This “free stuff” page includes coloring pages, puzzles and a card game about the water cycle that you can print on card stock paper and cut out the playing cards.

Rita Goldner


ROCKET SHOES Coloring Pages

Ages: 4-8 

Free Download: Make your own creative jet stream for JOSE’S ROCKET SHOES and then color the picture.

Sharon Skinner


Rosie the Dragon and Charlie Courage Cards and Activity Sheet

Ages: 3-9 

Lauren Kerstein has downloadable “courage cards” and activity sheets on their website so children can be courageous like Rosie.

Lauren Kerstein 


Russian Nesting Dolls – Free Printable Activity

Ages: 5-8 

Based on her recently published poem, this author/illustrator brings you a fun craft that will have your kids counting in Russian.

Amanda Hayward


Science Activities to Do With Your Dog or Cat

Ages: 7-14 

Take advantage of being home with your pets by trying out some fun activities–your lab partner may be at school, but you can still do science with your dog or cat!

Jodi Wheeler-Toppen


ScrapKins Builder Club with Author-illustrator Brian Yanish

Ages: 5-12 

Author-illustrator Brian Yanish shares tips and tricks for simple and easy DIY art projects made from household recyclables from his ScrapKins book series.

Brian Yanish 


Sea Star Locomotion Game

Ages: 4-7 

Children play a sea star locomotion game.

Jamie Hogan 


SECOND BANANA Coloring Sheet

Ages: 2-8 

Free jpeg of printable drawing and coloring sheet from Blair Thornburgh and Kate Berube’s book SECOND BANANA.

Kate Berube 


Shape Poetry

Ages: 5-10 

Get into “shape!” Make your own concrete poetry. 

Shannon Anderson 


SOAKED! Printable Activity Sheets

Ages: 4+

Ten free printable activity sheets featuring the soggy characters from Abi Cushman’s upcoming picture book, SOAKED! (Viking, July 14, 2020).

Abi Cushman


SOAKED! Toilet Roll Bear Craft

Ages: 3+ 

Use a toilet roll tube to make your very own soggy bear from Abi Cushman’s SOAKED! (Viking, 2020). Templates included.

Abi Cushman 


Soar with Lola Shapes the Sky

Ages: 4-8 

Word search, coloring page, and one page of educator resource questions.

Wendy Greenley


Social Studies, STEM, & Science Activities for THE BOY WHO GREW A FOREST

Grades: K-4

Explore social studies, science, ecology, and art. This adaptable guide is designed for students in K-4th grade.

Sophia Gholz



Ages: 0-12 

Each week Gabrielle Wang will post a new illustration to SPARK young illustrators and writers. Young creators can then share their work to the SPARK website.

Gabrielle Wang 


Sparks for the Imagination

Ages: 9-12 

Author Lian Tanner offers a series of free, downloadable story prompts and activities to spark the imagination.

Lian Tanner


Spice Up Your Stories With Similes!

Ages: 6-10 

Ahoy, mateys! Play with language as you brainstorm similes to complete your own treasure map based on GOLDENLOCKS AND THE THREE PIRATES!

April Jones Prince


Stars, Skyglow and You

Grades: 4-6 

Three connected astronomy mini-lessons for kids 8-12, about the number of stars in the sky and the vastness of the universe. Each lesson has a short reading and a STEAM activity. Ages 8-12.

N. R. M. Roshak


STEAM Activities @ Home

Ages: 3-9

Short Instagram posts with an at-home activity and some basic facts to go with it.

Hope Myers



Ages: 5-9 

Learn about exoplanets and astronomy with five fun activities that explore what makes a planet habitable. Design your own extraterrestrial!

Jessica Lanan


STEM + Literacy Activities: Hands-On Projects that Integrate STEM with Language Arts

Ages: 8-12 

Paired reading and STEM activities and experiments that activate students’ knowledge of the world and keep them in tip-top academic shape.

Patricia Newman


STEM Tuesday

Grades: 2-6 

STEM books ENGAGE. EXCITE. INSPIRE! Join us for weekly posts from STEM authors containing interesting resources, activities, and literacy connections.

Jennifer Swanson



Ages: 8-12

STICKY PINES activity pack containing puzzles, art, and games!

Dashe Roberts


Story-Time Activities

Ages: 5-8 

Some guided activities inspired by the picture book HUNTER’S BEST FRIEND AT SCHOOL. 

Laura Elliott 


Story Time Kit for EMILY’S IDEA

Ages: 4-8 

Join the paper doll movement from EMILY’S IDEA to spread a message of love. Includes a template to make your own paper dolls.

Christine Evans 


Student Artists Wanted for SNOWCAP MOUNTAIN ADVENTURES Picture Book!

Grades: PreK-5 

Author seeks preschool and elementary school student artists to illustrate a new picture book, SNOWCAP MOUNTAIN ADVENTURES: OPENING DAY! 

Heather E. Schwartz


Take the Plastic Patroller Pledge!

Ages: 8-12 

An activity sheet and checklist that inspires kids to avoid plastic and live an earth-friendlier existence.

Aubre Andrus


Tanka Poetry: Bringing Scientific Observations to Life

Ages: 6-10 

Based on the book THE VAST WONDER OF THE WORLD, learn to write Tanka poetry with scientific and nature observations. 

Mélina Mangal


Telling Time Worksheet

Ages: 5-7 

A worksheet for telling time. Help Makoto plan the steps he needs to take to prepare for his karate test.

Jenifer Tull-Gauger


That’s for Babies Craft

Ages: 5-7 

Create your own Prunella paper doll. 

Jackie Azúa Kramer



Ages: 8-12 

National Park book Cipher Brain Teasers and a character coloring page

Jeff Alt 


The Big Activity Kit of BODY SCIENCE

Ages: 4-8 

These free important activities that comply with the K-5 HEALTH curriculum, introduce young children to body science and teach them the scientific words for body parts. Remember: Knowledge is protection!

Edouard Sitbon


THE BODY BOOK and Activities

Ages: 3-7 

Read THE BODY BOOK in full on Roz MacLean’s website, then scroll down to access downloadable coloring sheets, an art activity, and music video.

Roz MacLean


The Chair Where Bear Sits Online Coloring Book

Ages: 2-6 

Young children may practice mousing skills and color matching/exploration with this online coloring book.

Lee Wardlaw



Ages: 5-8 

Coloring sheets in English and Spanish for the picture book THE CHUPACABRA ATE THE CANDELABRA.

Ana Aranda



Ages: 7-9 

THE FOREVER KID contains contextual notes and activity sheets to assist teachers working with children on the topic of bereavement.

Elizabeth Mary Cummings


THE GREEN UMBRELLA (Activity Sheets/ Teaching Guide)

Ages: 3+ 

Printable activities including coloring sheets and maze, along with teaching ideas for all ages.

Maral Sassouni



Grades: PreK-2 

A fun pirate activity book based on THE GRUMPY PIRATE by Corinne Demas and Artemis Roehrig, created by the illustrator Ashlyn Anstee.

Corinne Demas



Ages: 4-12 

Fabulous Activity kit from the bestselling book, THE INVISIBLE STRING! We are all connected by Invisible Strings made of love!

Patrice Karst


The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society

Ages: 8-13 

Discussion and activity guide, bonus chapter, downloadable PB&J society rules, and link to unused cover design ideas.

Janet Sumner Johnson


THE MOON INSIDE Crafts and Activities

Ages: 3-8 

Learn how to make shadow puppets, lantern art, and moon dough with this craft and activity guide for THE MOON INSIDE.

Sandra V. Feder


THE NIAN MONSTER Activity and Storytime Event Kit

Ages: 4-8 

Create a giant Nian Monster Mask for an interactive storytime! Then color and make a Nian Monster Origami Bookmark craft!

Andrea Wang


THE PUMPKIN RUNNER Multiple Activities

Ages: 6-11 

Multiple activities for THE PUMPKIN RUNNER provide an opportunity to discuss honorable actions, geography of Australia, marathon races, and more.

Marsha Diane Arnold 


The Ra Game

Ages: 5-11 

A board game for 2-6 players! An amulet has been stolen. Race through the palace – and find it!

Amy Greenfield


The Sandcastle That YOU Built

Ages: 4-10 

Companion to THE SANDCASTLE THAT LOLA BUILT. Draw/paint/create YOUR sandcastle, then use the fill-in-the-blank story starter to tell a story about it.

Megan Maynor


The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee

Ages: 7-12

Fun activities and websites focused on spelling inspired by Deborah Abela’s novel, THE STUPENDOUSLY SPECTACULAR SPELLING BEE.

Deborah Abela


THERE’S A MOUSE ON MY HEAD! Coloring and Game Sheets

Ages: 3-8 

A musical video, coloring sheets, and game sheets for the picture book, THERE’S A MOUSE ON MY HEAD!

Dayne Sislen


THREE LITTLE BEAVERS Teaching Activities

Ages: 4-8 

35 pages ELA, Science, and Math activities about beavers, aligned to standards.

J.H. Diehl



Ages: 3-6 

Math, reading, social skills, and writing printables for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers after reading TRUCKER AND TRAIN.

Hannah Stark


True Colors of Family – Coloring Pages of LGBT Families

Ages: 3-6 

This packet includes coloring pages from the new coloring book, “The True Colors of Family.” The pages include families with two moms or two dads, and highlight family diversity.

Mark Loewen


Vegetable Gardening for Children

Ages: 5-10

The author of ROOTS, SHOOTS AND MUDDY BOOTS will be giving free content on practical vegetable gardening and all related themes like recycling, seasons, insects. This includes art exercises and nature activities. These activities are practical and easy to do with additional information on themes.

Samantha van Riet 


Volcano Dreams Geyser Activity

Ages: 4-8 

We use a simple chemical reaction to simulate the boiling water becoming steam under pressure.

Janet Fox 



Ages: 5-10 

Australian nocturnal animal activities in WAITING FOR THE NIGHT: make a flying fox; find-a-word; platypus bookmark; door hanger; shadow puppets.

Julie Thorndyke


Wallace and Grace Coloring Page

Ages: 3-8 

A free, downloadable coloring page from WALLACE AND GRACE AND THE LOST PUPPY by Heather Alexander, illustrated by Laura Zarrin. (Bloomsbury)

Laura Zarrin 


Weather Prediction Kit

Ages: 4-8 

Free printable weather resources, craft activities, and word searches related to MIRA FORECASTS THE FUTURE. 

Kelly Andrews


WhaleTimes Journey into Midnight (Deep-Sea Research)

Grades: K-8 

Join deep-sea explorers, learn about the research, discoveries, and how they got a giant squid to take a selfie!

Ruth A. Musgrave


What Did You Say? Creating Dialogue Printable Activity

Ages: 5-8 

Create dialogue with Haggis and Tank with this printable activity page.

Jessica Young 


What Does a Princess Really Look Like?

Ages: 5-7 

This free lesson plan includes reading response worksheets that correlate with the story and a STEAM center (STEM challenge). Common Core Standards: RL.4.10, RL.4.7, RL.4.3, RL.4.2, RL.4.1, RL.3.10, RL.3.7, RL.3.3, RL.3.2, RL.3.

Mark Loewen



Ages: 3-6 

Patriotic fun and learning centered around this award-winning board book about America by bestselling author Michelle Medlock Adams.

Michelle Medlock Adams 


What Punctuation Mark Are You? Quiz

Ages: 4-8 

Inspired by the author’s books about punctuation, this resource offers students a fun quiz to find out which mark matches their personality.

Moira Rose Donohue


Website Page for Parents and Teachers

Ages: 5-12 

Website page contains a variety of activities for a range of books.

Beth Anderson


Weird Series Coloring Pages

Ages: 3-10 

Luisa and friends had a great idea to keep busy while spending time inside. Free coloring page to download and print.

Erin Frankel 


WHOLE-Y COW! FRACTIONS ARE FUN Coloring Sheet & Board Game

Grades: 1-3

Coloring sheet and board game to accompany book, WHOLE-Y COW! FRACTIONS ARE FUN.

Taryn Souders



Ages: 3-7 

Kids will discover some little known facts about their favorite zoo animals. A coloring page, a maze, match-up, plus more!

Carmela LaVigna Coyle



Ages: 8-12

Puzzles, ciphers, and more from the WINTERHOUSE series!

Ben Guterson


Won Ton and Chopstick Activity Kit

Ages: 5-8 

Features: “Haiku by You;” Cats vs. Dogs wristbands; How to fold origami cats & pups; Make a Mini Haiku Book.

Lee Wardlaw


Wondrous Women Puzzle Sheet

Ages: 8-12 

Word Find and Matching Activities (answers provided on website).

Aimée M. Bissonette


Worksheets for Children

Grades: PreK-6 

Author Lydia Lukidis offers worksheets for children, starting from K all the way up to grade 6. Some games, stories, and puzzles!

Lydia Lukidis 


Writing Lessons

Grades: 3-6 

Writing lessons on various topics such as freewriting, dialogue, plot, and how to “Show, Not Tell.”

Suzanne Williams 


Essie Rose Ginsberg’s Writing Tips

Ages: 8-12

Essie Rose Ginsberg’s Ten Tips for Writing (plus one for good measure) from the book ESSIE ROSE’S REVELATION SUMMER.

Deanie Yasner  


YOU BE MOMMY Picture Book Activity Kit

Ages: 2-6 

Karla Clark and Feiwel and Friends—an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group—offer a YOU BE MOMMY storytime activity kit for children.

Karla Clark 


Your Alien

Ages: 4-8 

Kit includes out-of-this-world games, writing activity, and drawing activity.

Tammi Sauer


Your New, Fun Daily Challenge

Ages: 5+

A new, fun, creative, home-based daily challenge (physical, mental, artistic, etc.) with Marc Tyler Nobleman. Activities vary by day.

Marc Tyler Nobleman


Your Story Soup

Ages: 5-12 

Kids provide the ingredients and 4 authors take turns writing up the next episode.

Stacy Nyikos


Middle School


A 70s Immersion Guide

Ages: 9-12 

Immerse your students in the 1970s while reading ONE TRUE WAY.

Shannon Hitchcock


Activities for Teaching World History

Ages: 11-14 

Explore world history through hands-on activities.

Toni Blackwell Rhodes


Activities Related to the Middle Grade Novel AVENGING THE OWL

Ages: 10-14 

28 pages of fun, free science and creative writing activities from Melissa Hart, author of the award-winning middle-grade novel, AVENGING THE OWL.

Melissa Hart



Ages: 7-12 

Fun, downloadable worksheets with word search, writing, drawing, and craft activities linked to THE MISSING BARBEGAZI.

H.S. Norup


Activity Sheets from Alternate Earths

Ages: 8-13

Escape to alternate Earths with this wide range of activity sheets S.G. Wilson has culled from the multiverse. More sheets coming soon, plus a slide show on World Tweaking (the easy and fun alternative to World Building).

S.G. Wilson


Australian Contemporary Fiction

Ages: 7-13 

Activity ideas, curriculum-linked teaching notes, and interaction from an Aussie author of fiction and non-fiction (science and Japanese mythology).

Cristy Burne


Choose a Career Adventure Classroom Activity Guide

Ages: 8+ 

Classroom activity guide available for free download, stand-alone project or work in tandem with the Choose a Career Adventure series of books.

Kelly Anne White 



Grades: K-8 

Coloring sheets, word searches, and puzzles.

Jaimie Engle


cloudyseas for kids

Grades: 6-8 

Games, activities and stories, all b/w, colour in, share and have fun.

Coral Tulloch


Color Outside the Lines

Ages: 3-12 

Two printable coloring pages.

Katy Tanis 


Cooking Up Stories While Going Viral

Ages: 8-13 

Wednesday Writing (Poetry for April) Prompts on Padma Venkatraman’s YouTube Channel and her Website here.

Padma Kenkatraman



Ages: 10-18 

A discussion guide for educators and students dealing the with topic raised in the book DICTIONARY FOR A BETTER WORLD by Irene Latham and Charles Waters. Illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini.

Charles Waters 


Fun Subject-Specific School Jokes

Ages: 6-12 

Fun history, science, math, geography, and grammar jokes to keep middle graders reading and laughing!

Theresa Julian 


Hands On Books

Grades: 4-8 

Three nonfiction authors share insights from their 50+ books along with downloadable activities.


How To Start a Parent-Child Book Club for the Middle Grade novel, YOU’RE BACON ME CRAZY

Ages: 9-12 

A how-to for launching a parent-child book club for YOU’RE BACON ME CRAZY that includes book discussion questions plus links for fun book-related recipes.

Suzanne Nelson


Into The Ocean – Your Poems

Grades: 6-8 

Write a poem about THE OCEAN for the Science Rhymes website. Submit your rhyming verse poem here by 7/31/2020.

Celia Berrell


Writing Tips for Teens

Ages: 12+ 

Author Karen Krossing provides tips for young writers, a comprehensive list of where young authors can submit, and grammar tips for fiction writers.

Karen Krossing 


Investigate a Ghost Story

Ages: 10-16 

Practice scientific questioning and design experiments to try to figure out the reason for a spooky or unusual experience.

Kathryn Hulick


Learning Area

Ages: 8-14 

Activities and videos including writing tips available in the Learning Area on the website.

Vanessa Harbour


Make a Bear Mask or Frontier Vest

Ages: 9-13 

Here are two easy projects to make at home – A bear mask to celebrate Earth day, or a pioneer vest!

Robin Chilstrom


MOTLEY EDUCATION Printable Activities

Ages: Middle School

S.A. Larsen has created Coloring Pages, Word Searches/Puzzles, Video Readings, Writing exercises, and a Game to create story and characters – all printable/downloadable. 

S.A. Larsen 


Multiverse Activity Sheets

Ages: 10-13 

Sample activity sheets from across the multiverse, the strangest that alternate Earths have to offer!

S.G. Wilson


Oral Histories 

Ages: 8-12 

Students will be guided in obtaining oral histories from caregivers. They will then create written narratives based upon those histories.

Jean Alicia Elster


Rochester Book Worksheets

Ages: 9-13

Free downloadable worksheets/word searches to go with Sally Valentine’s Rochester novels.

Sally Valentine


SATS Style Comprehension Questions

Ages: 9-11 

Chapter by chapter comprehension questions to accompany The Relic Hunters series for use when home educating and in class.

Lexi Rees


STEM + Literacy Activities

Ages: 8-12 

Easy at-home hands-on experiments and activities that link STEM and language arts to keep kids in tip-top academic shape.

Patricia Newman


Story Starter Game

Ages: 8-13 

Delve into the world of story writing with this story structure game divided into sections of Character, Goal, Conflict, Setting, & Beginnings. Players choose from pieces & create their own! Printable game & game pieces.

S. A. Larsen 



Ages: 8-12

Looking for reading resources & activities for 8 to 12-year-olds? Oxford University Press has developed these beauties for THE LAST SPELL BREATHER – a magical fantasy adventure.

Julie Pike


The Newspaper Club: Make Your Own Class or Family Newspaper

Grades: 3-8 

The Newspaper Club guides members through creating a class or family newspaper, with tips on reporting, editing, and design.

Beth Vrabel 


The Startup Squad

Ages: 7-14

Resources and activities to help kids plan a summer business and build an entrepreneurial mindset. Children could use this time to plan a summer business or to turn a hobby into a business.

Brian Weisfeld


This is Not a Werewolf Story

Ages: 9-12 

Reading questions, fun project ideas, short science and vocabulary building activities.

Sandra Evans


High School


Sheltering in Place: Coping with COVID-19

Ages: 12-25 

Helps teens with special needs understand COVID-19 and create a life schedule for sheltering at home.

Susan Traugh


TELL ME A SECRET: Discussion Questions

Ages: 13+ 

Discussion questions for TELL ME A SECRET by Holly Cupala.

Holly Cupala

The Blank Page – Resources for Teen Writing Groups

Ages: 11-18 

Blog posts about running a writing group for teens, including exercises, links, and advice for young writers.

Kelly McCaughrain


The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids 

Grades: PreK-12 

The resource provides over 239 cool sites about science, tech, engineering, and math. It is broken down into sections for Grades K-12, Elementary School Kids, Middle School Kids, High School Kids, and Girls.

Master’s in Data Science


Writing Prompts for Teens

Ages: 12-18 

Lynn Lovegreen has writing prompts for teens, teachers, and parents to access.

Lynn Lovegreen 


YA Chaucer Personality Quiz

Grades: 9+ 

To dive into Chaucer’s famous CANTERBURY TALES, try taking this personality quiz to find out which modern-teen equivalent you could be, based on the YA retelling by Kim Zarins, SOMETIMES WE TELL THE TRUTH. Read the novel and/or Chaucer to see if you agree!

Kim Zarins


Live Las Musas Intersectionality Webinar and Workshop

Ages: Adult 

NoNieqa Ramos, author of THE TRUTH Is and Natasha Diaz, author of COLOR ME IN, will read poetry, do an anti-racism meditation, and conduct a writing workshop. All participants are entered into a drawing for a free Skype visit!

NoNieqa Ramos