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Activity Kits, Coloring Sheets, and Teacher’s Guides

Ages: 2-10

Laura Gehl’s website includes printable activity kits, printable coloring sheets, and teacher’s guides with writing prompts and activities.

Laura Gehl


Aloha Friday Art 

Ages: 4-10+ 

ALOHA FRIDAY ART is a “mixed plate” of DIY STEAMed art, stories from around the world, tasty kid lit, a side of hula & plenty aloha. Check it out on Friday, March 27 at It will publish on Fridays twice a month. More info on the site soon.

Edna Cabcabin Moran


Art Blast! Fun Lessons for Kids and Aliens

Ages: 6-11

Fun, self-paced art lessons for kids, taken from successful classroom projects Jonathan Roth has done as an elementary art teacher.

Jonathan Roth


Art for Children 

Ages: 5-10

A website for children to learn and make art.

Frank W. Dormer


Art Lessons & Educational Resources

Ages: 6+

Art Lessons for all ages! Fun drawing and collaging for the whole family. Check back for new content.

Gina Rizzo


Art School with Kate and Loretta

Ages: 4+ 

Join author/illustrator Kate Fischer and her 4-year-old daughter, Loretta for simple art lessons via Facebook Live! Lots of giggles and giveaways!

Kate Fischer


Art Tutorials

Ages: 2-10

YouTube channel featuring child-friendly drawing tutorials, process videos and more! Free coloring sheets, games and yoga activities on Susi’s website.

Susi Schaefer


CHALK YOUR WALK: A Drawing Video with Bill Thomson

Ages: 4-8 

A video of the author of the wordless book, CHALK, creating a sidewalk drawing with chalk.

Bill Thomson


CLYDE THE HIPPO Drawing Lesson

Ages: 4-10

A quick lesson on how to draw Clyde the Hippo. Kids who share their drawings will have their artwork posted on the website gallery and will receive a sticker, bookmark, and signed bookplate.

Larissa Marantz


COLOR CUT CREATE! Activity Packet

Ages: 6-12

Color • Cut • Create! activity packet is a free download featuring paper toy activities found only in the Color-Cut-Create! Superhero activity book. This activity packet is great for STEM-based education.

Merrill Rainey


Coloring Pages Featuring Plants and Animals of the Sonoran Desert and Colorado Plateau

Ages: 3-9

Coloring pages about plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert/Colorado Plateau. A new page will be added every Wednesday.

Mark A. Hicks



Grades: K-5

Starting Monday, 3/23, kids can download a CREATE A CHARACTER activity sheet. Four BLOBS (inspired by real objects) are on each sheet. Kids can turn the BLOBS into any character they like using a medium of their choice. CHARACTER CARDS are available for kids to continue building onto their character with character traits. This activity encourages creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. Amy will share her character designs on Friday. Families can check the Blog Archive to see previous designs and Guest Artist’s artwork.

Amy Nielander



Grades: K-4

Coloring book pages from Lori Mitchell’s illustrated books and prompts to encourage children to create their own art.

Lori Mitchell


Discussion/Activity Guide for Artist Biographies

Ages: 5-8 

Download a free Discussion/Activity Guide for Mary Cassatt, impressionist painter, western artist Charlie Russell, and Maxfield Parrish.

Lois V. Harris


DOWNWARD MULE Activity Sheets

Ages: 3-7

Printable coloring pages, kid-friendly discussion topics, and writing prompts inspired by DOWNWARD MULE. Jenna will be posting a read-aloud of the zany picture book about community and confidence complete with yoga poses by March 19. Feel free to pause the reading to pose with your posse. Or listen straight through and do the barnyard yoga whenever a break beckons.

Jenna Hammond


Draw Fire Truck with Shanda McCloskey – Live!

Ages: 5-10+

Thursday, March 26, 11am – Learn to draw Fire Truck from, FIRE TRUCK VS. DRAGON live with the illustrator! This is a part of a larger project called Stimola LIVE where you will find lots of LIVE steaming events from various authors and illustrators represented by Stimola Literary Studio. Visit here.

Shanda McCloskey


Draw with Sam!

Ages: 4-8 

Sam shares how to draw characters from her picture book CHICKEN LITTLE, THE REAL AND TOTALLY TRUE TALE.

Sam Wedelich


Elementary School Worksheets and Art Projects!

Ages: 5-9

On you will find coloring sheets, book worksheets, and art projects! You can find more information about Rachel on and Enjoy!

Rachel di Nunzio



Ages: 6-12+

Coloring pages celebrating classic faerie tales and stories sent out weekly every Tuesday.

hallie m. bertling


Fun and Easy Art Activities 

Ages: 4-10 

These are easy and fun art activities for children. Activities use materials many already have at home.



Fun and Easy Art for Creative Kids

Grades: PreK-5 

These art activities promote fun and creativity and use many materials families already have.

Kathy O’Neill


How to Draw Activities

Ages: 3-7

Learn how to draw animal characters from a step by step activity sheet. Students are encouraged to email their drawings to

Mandy Foot


How to Draw Your Pet 

Ages: 6-12 

Erin Marie Mauterer posts videos of them drawing people’s pets. Very entertaining, and a good way to learn!

Erin Marie Mauterer


How to Make a Collage

Ages: 3+

Learn how to make a collage with Supriya Kelkar.

Supriya Kelkar


Mini Coloring/Activity Book

Ages: 2-6

Mini coloring book by Terry Hojnacki helps encourage children to use their imagination while learning about schedules and practicing their coloring skills.

Terry Hojnacki


My Illustration Process

Ages: 5-13 

Published Illustrator, Beth Peck, describes her process in illustrating children’s books such as MATTHEW AND TILLY and JUST LIKE JOSH GIBSON. Her website shows her sketches for several books.

Beth Peck


Odd Animal a Day

Ages: 5+

Follow along from A to Z as illustrator Claire Sedovic shows you how to draw each animal from her debut picture book, ODD ANIMAL ABC’s!

Claire Sedovic


#StoryMarch Art Project

Ages: 6+

Do a drawing each day based on a 1-word prompt. Each drawing connects to the previous one. Created by Greater Boston Illustrators’ Group. Search #storymarch on Instagram to see posts. To view all similar projects, search #authorshelpingkids.

Sarah Brannen


THE ONLY LIVING GIRL Drawing Workshop 

Ages: 8-13

Learn how to draw monsters and fantasy creatures in a graphic novel style with artist Steve Ellis!

Steve Ellis



Ages: 3-8

Craft and downloadable coloring pages for THERE WAS AN OLD GATOR WHO SWALLOWED A MOTH. Click on the links to find instructions for the craft, and click on the four coloring pages to download and print them. Enjoy!

B.J. Lee





Illustration Videos

Grades: 5-8

Join Kelley McMorris as she describes the process of illustrating children’s books.

Kelley McMorris


THE NEW KID Free Middle School eBook

Grades: 6-8 

THE NEW KID is a funny chapter book that deals with friendship, bullying, and learning to take a stand.

Maureen Straka 






Ages: All 

Art projects anyone can do at home (for kids and adults). 

Kieren Dutcher 


Art with Naomi

Ages: All 

A weekly lesson geared toward art history paired with an art lesson. Bring your paints, pens, and pencils!

Naomi Canale


Daily Coloring Pages 

Ages: All 

Daily coloring pages, sometimes with hidden pictures.

Rebecca Thornburgh


Free Coloring Pages

Ages: 5-16

Free, downloadable coloring pages by Jane Heinrichs.

Jane Heinrichs


Modeling Clay Tutorial Videos

Ages: All 

Create your own modeling clay masterpieces with these tips and techniques shared by illustrator Barbara Reid.

Barbara Reid


Printable Coloring Sheets

Ages: All

Happy coloring!

Nina Crittenden


Project Photo Prompt

Ages: All

Daily photos on Instagram to act as writing prompts.

Kathryn Erskine


Story Soup Free Online Children’s Art Classes

Ages: 5-13 

A free 6-week guided online art course for children. Content link available on Samantha van Riet’s website under FREE CONTENT.

Samantha van Riet 


#WSID (What Should I Draw?) 

Ages: All

Parents tweet their children’s idea. Illustrators draw it.

Charlene Chua