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Ages: 3-10 

Way past mad that you’re stuck at home? Check out these videos, games, and activities to help you feel way past happy!

Hallee Adelman



Grades: PreK-3 

Jean E. Pendziwol reads from her upcoming picture book about hope, a meditation on how we move forward when the world is unpredictable, confusing and scary.

Jean E. Pendziwol 


Crayon Doodle Feelings Diary

Ages: 4+ 

Author Natascha Biebow shares how to encourage children (and grown-ups) to record their feelings in a Special Crayon Doodle Diary Keepsake Box. Inspired by her book THE CRAYON MAN, she is inspired by the wonderful colors in nature to help process feelings. Add crayon drawings, doodles and cartoon strips to express your days and as a keepsake of what you’re learning or doing.

Natascha Biebow


Don’t Touch Your Face

Ages: 3-8 

This silly song and guided discussion teaches good hygiene habits to help children stay healthy, the cornerstone of well-being.

Andrea Murphy


Downloadable Activity Guides for Anxious Kids

Ages: 4-9

A printable activity guide for QUINN’S PROMISE ROCK/QUINN SAYS GOODBYE. Christian content with object lessons, discussion guides, and crafts.

Christie Thomas



Ages: 5-10 

A downloadable resource guide for FIND YOUR CALM. 

Gabi Garcia 


Fly Away Fun

Ages: 3-8 

A creative visualization exercise to give homebound kids wings and allow them to imagine all they want to do in the comfort of their own minds.

A. LaFaye


Fun Movement-Based SEL Activities

Ages: 3-7 

Playful movement activities that are lively brain breaks, and also nurture social-emotional learning skills. Designed for teachers, parents, and caregivers.

Connie Bergstein Dow, MFA



Ages: 8-11 

Enhanced audio recording of Chapter 1 of GARBAGE ISLAND, an illustrated novel where animals survive in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Fred Koehler


Healthy Habits Worksheets 

Ages: 5-10 

A worksheet and teachers’ lesson plan to encourage the creation of a chosen healthy habit or goal.

Jenifer Tull-Gauger


How To Make A Snack For A Yeti

Ages: 3-7 

Learn how to make a perfect snack for a yeti friend with CINDER YETI picture book author Precious McKenzie.

Precious McKenzie 


How to Resolve Conflict Worksheet 

Ages: 7-11 

This fridge worthy worksheet helps kids and families resolve conflict in healthy ways.

Jessica Speer


Howard B. Wigglebottom

Ages: 3-8 

Millions learn with Howard B. Wigglebottom’s 15 free educator-endorsed, award-winning animated books, songs, lessons, and activities.

We Do Listen Foundation


I Can Do Hard Things

Ages: 6-10 

Downloadable guide with mindful affirmations and activities.

Gabi Garcia 


Josh Langley’s Being You is Enough Video Series

Ages: 4-11 

Award-winning author Josh Langley brings his books of self-esteem and resilience to life in a fun and practical YouTube series.

Josh Langley 


Kids Speak Out

Ages: 5-10

Guided prompts to help kids check-in with how they’re feeling and a place to share messages related to current events: school closings, Covid19, etc.

Heather Brewer


Listening to My Body 

Ages: 5-10 

Worksheets that help kids understand emotions & physical sensations that accompany them.

Gabi Garcia 


Make Your Own Courage Art Therapy Project

Ages: 7+

Activities to help kids work through their fear and anxiety, created by therapist Bonnie Thomas & author Samantha M Clark.

Samantha M. Clark


Managing Big Emotions in a Healthy Way Worksheet 

Ages: 5-11 

This worksheet helps kids learn to manage big emotions in a healthy way.

Jessica Speer 


Meditations and Reflections for Children

Grades: PreK-5 

Children’s author Giulietta M. Spudich leads children in meditation, reflection, and visualization. We will find calm together as we journey through imagination.

Giulietta M. Spudich


My Big, Dumb, Invisible Dragon Storytime & Activity 

Ages: 6+ 

Author Angie Lucas and her 9yo daughter read Angie’s book, MY BIG, DUMB, INVISIBLE DRAGON and lead children through a draw-your-own-dragon activity.

Angie Lucas 


Prompt for Emotional Learning During Difficult Times

Ages: 5-10 

Based on the story in her picture book, THE YELLOW SUITCASE, author Meera Sriram shares a prompt for children to help deal with their feelings during difficult situations.

Meera Sriram 


Self-Love Vows

Ages: 4-8 

Danielle Dufayet, author of FANTASTIC YOU, offers a free download on her website for self-love, kindness, and self-compassion.

Danielle Dufayet 


Share a Story Writing Contest

Ages: 6-18 

Inland NW SCBWI invites young writers to view our illustrators’ art, then write stories! Stories shared on our website.

Inland Northwest SCBWI


Stuck at Home Series

Ages: 5-9 

Fun videos, card games, free-printables, contests & more for kids, families and young writers here and here

Hallee Adelman


Taking Care of Ourselves During Tough Times Worksheet 

Ages: 6-11 

This worksheet helps kids explore how to take care of themselves during rough patches.

Jessica Speer 


Three Great Books for Kids With Worries

Ages: 3-7

All kids have worries. Each of these books has the Mom’s Choice Awards seal of excellence. Each book offers children a solution that is easy to understand. Each PDF copy is free and can be downloaded.

Ann Marie Hannon


Tiny Acts of Kindness Checklist 

Ages: 3-12

A checklist of “Tiny Acts of Kindness at Home” for kids who are out of school. PDF download.

Thuy Ha 


Video Reading of Fear-Busting Book with Puppet 

Ages: 3-8 

Have fun watching Digby the puppet interact with Crystal Kite Winner, THE SCARED BOOK, to help it calm down, and learn strategies to deal with fearful feelings.

Debra Tidball

Middle School


Cool Stuff About Words

Ages: 12+ 

At Wordmonger, you can explore heaps of cool words: idioms, quotations, euphemisms, & etymologies.

CS Perryess

High School

FIRST BREAK – A Discussion on Signs, Symptoms, and Strategies for Teen Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Self-Injury, and Addiction

Ages: 13+ 

There has been an unprecedented rise in teen anxiety, depression, suicide, self-injury and early addiction strategies used to self-medicate the early trauma of it all. Author and filmmaker Jamie Weil a passion for sharing stories that can lead to early intervention and help,

Jamie Weil 


A Simple & Beautiful Well Being Project

Ages: All 

Color the flying peace elephant. Then write what the elephant/life means to you. See artwork on website link.

Susanne Gervay 


Art Lessons at Home

Ages: 8-100 

Twice or thrice-weekly mini art lessons, resources and art inspiration for kids and adults created by Ronni Rose Swanson.

Ronni Swanson 


Arts and Emotional Well-being Activities during School Closures

Ages: 3-17

This blog shares arts activities to support emotional well-being of children, family, and teens through school closures and COVID-19. Author Sharon Chappell can be contact at

Sharon Chappell


I Wonder…

Ages: All 

Are you feeling lost, alone, anxious, or disconnected? Do you need a creative activity to occupy your racing mind? Take a walk with Kate Garchinsky out in the field and stimulate your imaginations and connect with the natural world in a game of “I Wonder.”

Kate Garchinsky 


News from the Happy Side 

Ages: All is a website and newsletter delivering happiness through quotes, photos, book reviews, activities, thoughts, articles, and more.

Alice B. McGinty


The Imagination is King! 

Ages: 5-105

Mr. Suddeth exercises your imagination in all directions: river dragons, cloned dinosaurs, black holes, ancient forts, SETI, real elves.

Charles Suddeth 


Wednesday Writing Prompts and Monday Meditations

Ages: All 

Weekly writing prompts (often laced with humor) and motivational meditations. 

Padma Venkatraman