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A DREADFUL FAIRY BOOK Study Guide and Project List

Ages: 8-12

Chapter-by-chapter study/discussion questions and a variety of final projects free to download. Free guide/projects for ANOTHER DREADFUL FAIRY BOOK coming to the same page soon.

Jon Etter


Abraham Lincoln Picture Book Activity Guide

Ages: 7-12

Download an 18-pg Educational Guide for use with THE SUPERLATIVE A. LINCOLN picture book for discussion, puzzle, timeline and biography activities. Venn Diagram and Poetry Handout are also available.

Eileen Meyer


Activity Guides Available Free for Most of Elizabeth Rusch’s Books

Ages: 3-12 

Activity guides including fun hands-on activities are available for most of Elizabeth’s books for young readers.

Elizabeth Rusch 


Activities from a Former Librarian! 

Ages: 5-9 

Sherri Maret is a former English teacher/library media specialist. They have learning materials for their two books and just started a page of elementary activities that might be helpful to teachers/parents for children who are home due to the closing of schools.

Sherri Maret 


Appleville Puzzles & Reading Comprehension Activities

Ages: 4-10

As a children’s author and college professor, Veronica Appleton’s responsibility includes providing engaging stories and resources to further learning inside and outside the classroom. Visit to download reading comprehension activities, at no cost!

Veronica Appleton


Author Read-Aloud & Science Activities to Do at Home with THE ACADIA FILES

Ages: 7-11

Author Katie Coppens will read chapters from THE ACADIA FILES and show experiments Acadia does that kids can replicate at home.

Katie Coppens


Authors Everywhere! Youtube Channel

Ages: 5-12

Authors Everywhere is a Youtube Channel that hopes to bring relief to kids and parents at home through read-alouds, writing workshops, activities, art demos, and a variety of videos that range from the silly to serious. We hope we can offer kids some fun creative and emotional outlets during these long days at home!

Susan Tan


Castle Writemore

Ages: 7-12

Creative writing lessons and activities.

Wade Bradford



Grades: PreK-5 

Teacher resource and activities for Anna McGregor’s book COLOUROOS.

Anna McGregor


Coloring Sheets, Resource Guides to Accompany Books Illustrated by Jacqueline Alcantara

Ages: 4-10 

Coloring sheet and teaching materials to accompany THE FIELD. 

Jacqueline Alcántara


Dormancy Fun Facts

Ages: 8-12

Want to know more about animals that go dormant? Dormancy for Kids posts are self-guided inquiry on fun facts about dormancy. Great for doing science research at home!

Marcie Atkins


Downloadable Artist Discussion/Activity Guides

Ages: 5-8 

Download a free discussion/activity guide for Mary Cassatt, Charlie Russell, and Maxfield Parrish on each artist’s page on my website.

Lois V. Harris


Educator’s Guide to THE ARABIC QUILT

Ages: 5-10 

Free educator’s guide for teachers, librarians, and homeschoolers that go along with THE ARABIC QUILT.

Aya Khalil 



Ages: 7+

A hands-on STEM activity for students 7 and up based on the book WOOD, WIRE, WINGS: EMMA LILIAN TODD INVENTS AN AIRPLANE by Kirsten W. Larson, illus. Tracy Subisak (Calkins Creek 2020).

Kirsten W. Larson


Everything is Connected 

Ages: 4-12 

Book reading, enrichment activities, and coloring pages about connection, sustainability, writing, and art.

Jason Gruhl 


Explore with the Wonder World Kids

Grades: K-4

Free downloads of grade-level worksheets, coloring sheets, and illustrator videos to keep your kids reading, drawing, and exploring. Recommended for grades K-4. New content added throughout the month. Keep on reading, drawing, and exploring with us!

Dori Marx


Finding Inspiration & Using It in Writing 

Ages: 7-12

Short video and writing prompts with a writing challenge – write about the same experience in multiple ways – and a bonus challenge: write positive affirmations for your family members.

Sarah Lynn Scheerger


Forest Fridays 

Ages: 8-12 

Deleted scenes, “behind the scenes” writing tips, and curriculum-linked lesson plans related to THE BOREAL FOREST. 

L.E. Carmichael 


Fractured Fairy Tales Writing Exercise and a Short Read-Aloud

Ages: 8-12 

Short read-aloud of my middle grade historical fiction THE HEART CHANGER, along with a guided Fractured Fairy Tale activity. 

Jarm Del Boccio 


Free Book Resources

Ages: 2-11

Free, downloadable ideas and resources to ignite children’s imagination and love of books.

Clare Helen Welsh


Free Curriculum Guide for THE BOY WHO GREW A FOREST

Ages: 4-9 

Explore social studies, science, ecology, language, and art. This adaptable lesson guide is designed for students in K-4th grade.

Sophia Gholz


Free Downloadable Resources and Activities

Ages: 4-8 

Fun and educational activities and information, including readers’ guides, Art and STEM projects and writing activities.

Deb Pilutti


Free K-3 Teaching Guides

Grades: K-3 

Visit Charline Profiri’s website for FREE Teaching Guides for COUNTING LITTLE GECKOS, GUESS WHO’S IN THE DESERT, and HE’S YOUR DADDY. 

Charline Profiri


Free Magazines, Teaching Units, and Writing Activities

Grades: 1-4

Debbie Dadey’s website has free Bailey School Kids and Mermaid Tales magazines, as well as complete teaching units and activities. The author is available to connect via Twitter, their Facebook Author Page, or via their website.

Debbie Dadey


FREE Teaching and Discussion Guides

Ages: 3-12 

Teaching and Discussion Guides for Nancy Viau’s picture books and middle grade novels are FREE to download from her website here.

Nancy Viau 


History for Preschool Teaching Guide

Grades: PreK-3

This project is a teacher’s guide for children continuing to learn during the pandemic crisis of today.

Kimberly B. Jones


JUST SO WILLOW Teacher’s Guide/Zoom Visits

Ages: 4-8

Activities about animals/math, book not necessary! Or email author Sara Schacter for a quick Zoom chat about being a writer!

Sara Schacter



Ages: 6-12

Free club with fun literacy puzzles, creative writing prompts, exclusive author interviews and book recommendations.

Lexi Rees


LEADERS ARE Readings Online Learning Hub

Grades: 1-3 

Live readings and free educational resources related to Dr. Tyner’s children’s books.

Artika Tyner


Lesson Plans & Activities for Ludwig’s Children’s Books

Ages: 5-13 

Trudy Ludwig is providing ready-made lesson plans on their website for each of their titles. 

Trudy Ludwig 


Loose Balloon Lesson Plans Free for the Duration of CV-19

Grades: K-5

Lesson Plans from K-5 that accompany children’s book LOOSE BALLOONS. Contact Jill Clark via their blog or email here

Jill Clark


MAKING SMALL MOMENTS BIG: Teaching Haiku with Sydell Rosenberg

Ages: 5+

April is National Poetry. Have fun learning “how to haiku” using your senses and imagination to capture nature and human nature! Contact Amy Losak with haiku questions at Contact Penny Candy Books at

Sydell Rosenberg


Multicultural & Historical Cross-Discipline Activities

Grades: PreK-5 

Pegi offers cross-disciplinary activities parents and teachers can use with their children, as well as writing workshops in fiction and poetry.

Pegi Deitz Shea



Grades: 1-5

Poetry Boost is a website where educators and parents can find lessons and mentor texts to boost literacy through poetry.

Michelle Schaub


Poetry Writing & Drawing Activities

Ages: 3-8 

Draw your vision of William Carlos Williams famous 16-word poem, “The Red Wheelbarrow,” & become inspired to write your own 16-word poem!

Lisa Rogers 


Quarks Academy

Ages: 8-12 

Try your own science experiments at home and come up with your own inventions like the characters in QUARK’S ACADEMY.

Catherine Pelosi


Reading Comprehension Tests for Early Reader Chapter Books

Ages: 5-8

Reading Comprehension tests available for Michelle Nelson-Schmidt’s early reader chapter book series in both Spanish and English. There are currently 4 books published in an 18 book series with each additional book releasing on the first of each month for 14 more months.

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt


Readings and Resources with Libraries and Malala

Ages: 8-12

Readings/resources related to HANDS AROUND THE LIBRARY: EGYPT’S TREASURED BOOKS and MALALA YOUSAFZAI: WARRIOR WITH WORDS (nonfiction picture books). 

Karen Leggett Abouraya


Resources for Homeschooling from Author, Christine Evans

Grades: PreK-5

A list of resources to use with Christine’s books including read-alouds and worksheets.

Christine Evans


Science and History Worksheets 

Ages: 7-10

Downloadable printables of codes, matching, classifying, and more for science and history units for gifted kids and homeschool.

Robin Phillips


STEM Activities via STEM Tuesday Blog

Grades: 1-6

Weekly experiments and writing activities with a monthly theme that covers fun topics, provides resources and makes real-life connections to STEM. #STEMRocks! Find more videos on Jennifer Swanson’s website and here.

Jennifer Swanson


Stimola Live

Ages: 3+

Authors & illustrators will read their stories and give art demos and activities for kids to do.

Dorothia Rohner


Story Prompts from ZUGGY THE PUG

Ages: 6-9

A video starring Zuggy the Pug and author Jean Alfieri reading a story prompt! Jean will start a story and ask her viewers to finish it. Submit your ending to Selected story endings will be read on the following program! Posted every MONDAY and FRIDAY at 10 am, starting Friday March 20, 2020.

Jean Alfieri


Teacher Activities

Ages: 4-8

A wonderful array of classroom activities associated with Lori’s most popular picture book titles.

Lori Mortensen


Teacher Guides

Ages: 4-8 

Teacher Guides for DARING AMELIA, SPARKY & SPIKE, MY MASTODON and more books with ELA, Math, Science, and SS skills.

Barbara Lowell 



Grades: PreK-5 

A 21-page teacher’s guide with activities for reading, science, math, social studies, and art for the book PICKLES, PICKLES, I LIKE PICKLES!

Brigitte Brulz


Teacher/Parent Resources, Printable Activities, and Read-Alongs

Grades: PreK-6

Jessica Young will post lessons, printable activities, and links to read-alongs and video-based activities as well as information for virtual visits on the Teacher Resource page of their site. Jessica is open to connecting with teachers via Skype or Google Meet or look at other ways to connect with kids and teachers online.

Jessica Young


Teaching Activity Guides

Ages: 4-7

Cross-curricular teaching guides for pre-school, Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2, to be used alongside my picture books.

Rebecca Colby


Teaching Notes on THE BOOK CHOOK and BAD CRAB 

Ages: 4-8 

Teaching notes made by Scholastic about Amelia’s picture books, THE BOOK CHOOK and BAD CRAB. Check out the author’s Instagram or Facebook for some fun photos and videos!

Amelia McInerney



Ages: 5-9 

Sharon will be posting a PDF of the book online along with an Educator’s Guide parents can use when reading the book to their children. Available through April 30, 2020.

Sharon Mentyka



Grades: K-4

Explore social studies, science, ecology and art in this adaptable guide for THE BOY WHO GREW A FOREST, designed for students in K-4th grade.

Sophia Gholz 


Tiny Writing Lessons

Grades: K-5 

Working writers provide writing lessons of three minutes or less for kids.

Annette Bay Pimentel 


Tips for Young Writers by Bruce Hale

Ages: 8-12

Videos of writing tips from author Bruce Hale. You can also subscribe to the videos through Bruce’s YouTube channel here.

Bruce Hale


Understanding the World: Careers

Ages: 5-8

Activities to get children to learn about different kinds of jobs that adults do.

Kerrine Bryan


Weekly Learning Creative Prompts from the Illustrator of the Katie Woo and Pedro Series

Grades: 1-3 

Weekly creative prompts that involve drawing and writing as well as downloadables from the illustrator of the Katie Woo and Pedro series. Also, a place to share your week’s work with other followers.

Tammie Lyon 



Grades: 3-6

Each week, parents may log onto Venessa Bellido Schwarz’s blog at to access a worksheet of questions and answers based on their book, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY INSPIRED BY NATURE. Venessa is available to answer questions on their blog.

Venessa Bellido Schwarz


Wh-Questions – Free Online Learning Resource

Grades: 1-5

Perfect for online learning. Use the screen share feature of platforms like Zoom. The first 9 images of the PowerPoint may be used to review Wh-Questions for any book but the 5 “Who” questions at the end were written to go with SIX DOTS: A STORY OF YOUNG LOUISE BRAILLE by Jen Bryant, illustrations by Boris Kulikov. You may also subscribe to Carolee’s newsletter on their website for more freebies.

Carolee Dean



Ages: 4-8

Lyn Smith’s children’s book WHAT MAKES AN OPOSSUM TICK? has a downloadable teacher guide with literacy and math activities for families.

Lyn Smith


Writing Prompts for SANTA’S SICK OF COOKIES

Grades: K-5

Help learners make literacy connections with writing activities at home. After reading SANTA’S SICK OF COOKIES: AN EASTERN SHORE CHRISTMAS TALE, these twelve prompts give students opportunities to respond to the text in writing.

Karen Foley 


Zach’s Backpack

Grades: K-5

A website of family math games that promote fact fluency. Site includes free math games using household items (dried pasta, cereal pieces, paper clips, etc). Great for families with kids at home.

Bernie Cavender



Activities from Hands-On Nonfiction Books

Ages: 8-14

Hands-on activities linked to specific nonfiction children’s books provided by the authors. As three award-winning authors with more than 50 books published about the world of nature and history’s makers and shakers, we hope to share insights and stories about writing nonfiction for young people. Go with us beyond arts and crafts to explore—in depth—history’s past worlds and the wonder of the natural world. Use our hands-on activities to inspire someone today!

Mary Kay Carson



Ages: 12+ 

Educator’s guide online, free to download. 

Yvonne Ventresca 


How to Become a Great  Writer

Ages: 10-15

Jack Gantos’s website has storytelling videos and “how-to” writing features.

Jack Gantos


Lesson Plans: Ancient Egypt and the Maya

Ages: 9-12

Get kids excited about ancient history! Download discussion questions; art & theater projects; Persuasive Letter/Speech projects; journal questions; crossword puzzles.

Chris Eboch


Middle Grade Entrepreneurship/Economic Edu./Financial Literacy 

Grades: 6-8

Request Free Study Guide and activities for 6th Grade Entrepreneurs here.

Laura S. Perricone


MORE THAN MARMALADE: Michael Bond and the Story of Paddington Bear Teaching Guide 

Ages: 9-12

A free teaching guide is available for MORE THAN MARMALADE on author Rosanne Tolin’s website. The button to download the teaching guide is available on their home page.

Rosanne Tolin


MAY DAY MINE Study Activities

Ages: 12-15

Study activities for YA novel, MY DAY MINE (Harmony Ink Press): History & Geography, Language & Writing, Art & Craft.

Verity Croker


PANDEMIC (YA Fiction) 

Ages: 12+

Free educator’s guide available for download. 

Yvonne Ventresca



Ages: 9-14


Suzanne Kamata


Student Projects Based on LIKE FINDING MY TWIN 

Grades: 6-8

Be inspired by compassionate 8th graders who reunited two Holocaust refugees after 73 years of separation — develop your own project. Based on the book LIKE FINDING MY TWIN ($5 paperback copies), students create their own service-learning projects. Refer to Teacher’s Guide for curriculum ideas.

Fern Schumer Chapman 


Teaching Guides to Literature

Grades: 3-8

The link Erin has provided is to downloadable, student-ready literature guides for a number of books.

Erin Fry


THE GREAT UPENDING Study and Activities Guide

Ages: 10-15

This guide provides families with important discussion questions and fun at-home activities—art projects, poems, letters, research—all stemming from the critically acclaimed middle-grade novel, THE GREAT UPENDING by Beth Kephart.

Beth Kephart


Writing Prompts

Grades: 6-12 

Prompts to get middle and high school students writing.

April Henry 



A Page Before Midnight 

Ages: 10-18

“A Page Before Midnight”, a series of images & writing prompts, along with other resources for kids and teens are on Terry’s website and Instagram.  

Terry Farish 


AP Language/Comp Essay Tutoring

Grades: 11-12 

Laura Moe can help prepare you for the AP EXAM at no charge using Google docs.

Laura Moe


BREATHE: The Fact Behind the Fiction, Part 1: The Science

Ages: 13-18

Health/Science curriculum ideas created by a HS Science teacher that tie into BREATHE (YA, 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic). Though it was created for a high school audience, many of the lessons can be modified for younger or mixed-age groups. BREATHE contains medical scenes that came from first-person accounts during the 1918 pandemic and may be too intense for younger readers. Conversely, BREATHE may be the perfect read for teens (especially girls) who want to pursue a career in medicine and are voraciously studying the differences between COVID19 and the Spanish Flu. BREATHE is considered a “sweet romance” and has very little swearing.

Sara Fujimura



Ages: 14-18

Author Beth Fehlbaum is providing the free ebook, teaching unit, and audiobook. Will also provide companion novels (the entire Patience Trilogy) by request.

Beth Fehlbaum


The Creative Trail for Young Adults

Ages: 14-20

A series of articles, activities, and exercises for teens interested in creative writing by Marsh Myers. Updates will also be posted on their official Twitter @marshmyers.

Marsh Myers 



Crazy for Comprehension

Ages: 7-18 

Across the curriculum common core-correlated language arts activities for use in the classroom and at home. All worksheets and activities come with answer keys at no charge.

Marylou Morano Kjelle


EducateEmpower Blog 

Ages: All 

Regular book reviews with teaching ideas that kids can easily use.

Vanessa Rendall


Educator Guides to be Adapted for Lesson Plans

Grades: PreK-7

For every one of my books, there is a detailed educator guide with activities that can easily be adapted into lesson plans for Prek-7th grade.

Carmen Oliver


LitLinks: Highlighting the Natural Connection Between STEM and Language Arts

Grades: K-12

LitLinks features STEM + literacy lesson plans connected to children’s books. Guest bloggers are authors, illustrators, educators, and scientists. All posts are categorized by the following grade level classifications: K-2; 3-5; 6-8; and High School.

Patricia M. Newman


Living Our Best Life Together

Ages: All 

Activities, curriculum, writing exercises, & learn cool facts about African animals. 

Kat Kronenberg


Make Your Writing Exciting!

Ages: 12-20

Creative writing guided prompts from Alex Hiam’s teen writing workshops, online or downloaded for free.

Alex Hiam


Mini Video-lessons for Informational Writing

Grades: K-8

Melissa Stewart offers video mini-lessons for teaching informational writing, including text features, text structures, rich language, voice, and revision. More resources available here.

Melissa Stewart


Pamela Turner’s Discussion and Activity Guides

Ages: All 

Teaching guides to be used with the author’s science, nature, and history books.

Pamela Turner


Reader’s Guide to CLOUD OF WITNESSES

Ages: All

Reader’s Guide to CLOUD OF WITNESSES Contents: Q&A with the author; Unit Studies: 1. Appalachia, 2. Iran; Discussion Questions; Bibliography; and More Reading. Jane Hertenstein is available for Skype visits.

Jane Hertenstein


STEAM Powered Poetry Videos for PreK-8

Grades: PreK-8

STEAM Powered Poetry Videos for PreK-8 offers STEM/STEAM mini-lessons which include poetry, videos, free downloadable classroom experiments, and activities, plus list of related reading materials. With an offer of cash prizes, our ongoing STEAM Powered Poetry Video Contest offers high school & college students the opportunity to choose POEMS from our poetry packet & create STEAM/STEM VIDEOS for grade school kids.

Heidi Broemer


Voting Rights: History and Current Issues

Grades: PreK-12

Materials to support student understanding and exploration of the topic of voting rights (history and current issues).

Deborah Diesen


Wit & Wordplay

Ages: All 

Short educational videos about poetry – with a focus on children’s poetry – created for parents & educators, as well as their kids! (Separate, downloadable activity sheets also available.)

Matt Forrest Esenwine 


Writing Road Trip 

Grades: K-12

Short, entertaining lessons for caretakers/educators to use with the goal of helping young people become better writers.

Lisa Bullard