Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

SCBWI Emergency Fund

Information and Procedures

The SCBWI Emergency Fund has been established to provide assistance to SCBWI members in times of emergency or hardship. The emergency or hardship could involve, for example, matters of health, family issues, or natural disasters that are in any way restricting or preventing an SCBWI member’s ability to work as an author or illustrator.


There is a $1,500 cap on any given grant, and no member may receive the grant more than twice. SCBWI does not expect to be reimbursed for grants made from the Emergency Fund.


Applications for assistance can come from the individual member seeking the aid or from someone noting their member friend or associate is in need of assistance. Applications are confidential and not shared outside the organization.


Members should fill out the application, which can be found here. The application will be submitted to the applicant’s Regional Advisor, who will forward it to the Emergency Fund Committee, made up of members of SCBWI’s Board of Advisors. The applicant will receive an electronic confirmation and all communications will be by email unless the applicant indicates no access to a computer.


To learn more about the Emergency Fund, please click here to read the FAQ.