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This is the Submission Form for the 2022 Winter Conference Portfolio Showcase.


Showcase Judging has begun! You can still submit to the Showcase. Your submission will be displayed in the public Showcase Friday February 11 – Thursday March 31, but will not be part of the judging.


Note: You must be logged into, and be registered for the Conference Portfolio Showcase, in order to submit.


Your submission will consist of three images.


  • * Upload your images using the form below. One image for each of the fields File 1, File 2, and File 3.
  • * Be certain of the images you wish to upload, as you will not be able to change your submitted images.
  • * Each image should be no larger than 20 MB filesize.
  • * The file can be either “jpg” or “png” format.
  • * Be sure the filename consists of only letters, numbers, and/or dashes. Eg “my-image.jpg”.
  • * After submitting the form, you will receive an email confirming your submission, and the filenames of your three images.


If you have any questions, contact Sarah Baker at


The deadline for submitting your images for the public Showcase is Thursday, March 31.


**NOTE** If your image is a *rectangle* … When you upload your image, a *square* thumbnail will display. Don’t worry, the full image has been uploaded, even though the thumbnail is *square*.




If you have any questions, contact Sarah Baker at