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SCBWI Postcard Contest


Congratulations to the Postcard Contest Winners!



Dow Phumiruk



Kenneth Lamug



Jenn Hogan



Kirsten Kawamura


Ioana Hobai

The contest is now closed. Congratulations to the winners and to all who submitted. The art was beautiful and
narrowing it down to five was very difficult!

The five winners of this contest will have their kite-themed art featured on SCBWI promotional postcards used
by both the SCBWI main office as well as all of the regions around the country and the world. They will also receive
a $50 gift certificate for art supplies, as well as exposure on our website and social media. The winners' names will be on
the front of the postcard with the art.


Online Gallery:

The online gallery is now live! Click here to see all of the Postcard Contest submissions.

Please note! Original submissions to the contest were not automatically put into the online gallery. You must follow the guidelines below to enter your piece in the online gallery.

If you are interested in having your submission to the Postcard Contest posted in the Unofficial Gallery,
email your submission image to Gallery Coordinator Shirley Ng-Benitez at
The subject of your email should be “Postcard Contest“
Your image should be saved as a web-ready jpeg (save it for 72 dpi).
Save your jpeg as your first and last name. Example: SnowWhite.jpeg

Include the following information in your email, in this order:
1.     First and Last Name
2.     Medium the piece was done in
3.     Your website or blog address
4.     SCBWI member since____(fill in the year)
Please note: Due to the volume of submissions, any submissions not following these guidelines will not be posted. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF SCBWI TO BE POSTED. The online gallery will go live by 12/19/16.


Enter the SCBWI Postcard Contest for a chance to be featured on SCBWI promotional postcards!

To apply:
Anyone who is a member can apply, and unlike most of our other awards and contests, you may submit as many
images as you like. The image must be kite themed.



Send Sarah Baker an email with your 5 x 7" or 7 x 5" image (as an attachment, not in the body of the email) and your name. Each submission must be sent in a separate email. If you are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, include your social media handles in the email below your name.
Submissions must be high res (300dpi) jpegs.
Title the file with your first and last name, i.e. SnowWhite.jpg (If you submit more than one, title them SnowWhite1.jpg, SnowWhite2.jpg, etc.)
All submissions must be received by December 1, 2016.



For questions, write to
Good luck!