Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

SCBWI Rebrands Itself




The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators has rebranded itself with a new mission statement and visual identity. These changes honor SCBWI’s legacy as the preeminent membership organization for children’s book creators and lay the foundation for SCBWI’s future as a truly global and inclusive organization. 

Executive Director Sarah Baker said, “I’m so pleased with the progress we’ve made and proud of the work the SCBWI team has accomplished so far. Our Manager of Design and Illustration, TeMika Grooms, took our new mission and vision and translated them into a visual identity that beautifully captures our organization’s exciting, new direction.”

For the new logo, SCBWI teamed up with designer Ben Loiz, whose work TeMika discovered from over 900 applications. After deep listening and collaboration, Ben Loiz chose the owl to represent SCBWI’s new direction—an inspired choice. Not only are owls instantly recognized as wise and archetypal storytellers, but owls are also an extremely diverse family of species that live on every inhabited continent around the world.  

“My long history with and understanding of SCBWI made collaborating with Ben Loiz especially exciting,” said TeMika Grooms. “I was thrilled to work on this project, and I believe the new logo captures the essence of SCBWI as it moves into a new future.”

SCBWI’s new mission, vision, and values statements can be read in full here. To learn more about the collaborative process behind SCBWI’s new logo, watch this video interview with TeMika Grooms and Ben Loiz.

SCBWI is committed to establishing a more imaginative and inclusive world through the power of children’s literature. These are just the first of many changes to come.