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scbwiArtober 2022

#scbwiArtober 2022

Join the SCBWI Illustration Community in October for 31 days of illustration prompts under the hashtag #ScbwiArtober! 

Each day includes a prompt to inspire your daily practice. Work in your favorite medium or play with new materials. Share your art when you can or post it each day with the #ScbwiArtober hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. The main goal is to develop a regular practice of creating new work––perfectionism is out.


Be sure to use the official hashtags so we can see your work!





Post on your social media and tag us: 

Twitter @scbwi

Instagram @scbwi


Here are the rules:

 – This is not about perfection. The goal is to develop a daily practice.  

– We encourage you to try new media––analogue and digital.  

– Share you work on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ScbwiArtober.

– Go to the hashtag to see inspiration and cheer on other SCBWI Illustrators. This is a great way to find your online community.

– Play and have fun each day!


OFFICIAL 2022 scbwiArtober Prompt List

1.     Spider

2.    Magic

3.    Harvest

4.    Bundle

5.    Fire

6.    Crow

7.    Rain Boots

8.    Apples

9.    Black

10.  Costume

11.   Corn

12.  Under

13.  Nest

14.  Feast

15.  Worm

16.  Book Nook

17.  Crunchy

18.  Full Moon

19.  Scarf

20.  Basket

21.  Bat

22.  Weird Weather

23.  Ride

24.  Parade

25.  Treat

26.  Strange

27.  Broom

28.  Spirit

29.  Bees

30.  Fall

31.  Boo!