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Nov 21, 2019
Anne Slanina
Looks like a fun book!
Gloria Berry
Your book sounds like a heart-warming adventure. Best Wishes!
Marta Arroyo
Beautiful! All the lovely color and funny hair all over the page really invites the reader in!
Valerie Woebkenberg
Congratulations! What a wonderful concept about a sensitive subject.
Beth Scheid
Awe....I think this book will help many a sick child!
Jennifer Weinngardt
What a wonderful idea for a story! I will request your book at my library.
Kate Woodard
Congratulations! Sounds like a story that will uplift the spirits of children suffering from illness.
Ali Earle Pichardo
I love the cover. This looks like a fun story! Congratulations!
I love the cover and the topic. Congratulations!
Love the hair and the concept!
Robin K Robb-Kraus
I love the topic and the way you arrive there! Great discussion starter to use with kids!
The moment I saw this it reminded me of the book I published in 2013. Would love to know more.
Maurice M. Hebert
Looks like a fun read for the kids!
Crystal Pham
It sounds like a fun read.
Linda Hofke
the story sounds fun to read and the illustrations look great congrats!
Marcy Pusey
I LOVE your cover! So cute! Beautiful and fun art. And what a creative story!
Holly Schindler
Too cute!
Rita DiCarne
Always looking for humor in kids books. Sounds like fun.
Susan Johnston Taylor
This sounds adorable!
Anita Stafford
I love the cover art! The story sounds appealing and important.
I enjoyed meeting you at the Twin Cities Book Festival. Love this book
Cute! Sweet pictures, sweet story.
Tonya Ellis
Cute book!
Such a cute premise for a book, I love it!
Sonja E McGiboney
I love this. Just the title makes it seem fun. I hope it does well.
"Her woolly mane can tie up bad guys, double as a jump rope and offer a home to many a critter." LOL this book sounds like a lot of fun (and it sound a little bit like my unruly hair too, maybe I should let it grow?).
Joleen steel
Ha sounds hairlarious!
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