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Nov 18, 2019
Mary Scheid
It's so good for children, and all of us, to learn about the culture of those who came before us and the heritage of the land around us.
Sounds interesting.
Linda Hofke
Sad topic but an important one for all. We need more books that show the darker sides of American history. Congrats on your book!
Shelley Saposnik
I love historical novels and stories about the American Indian culture, so when I read the title Two Moon Journey, I was intrigued. Plan on reading it.
Mimi Cross
Ha! I'm editing my comment here, lol: SOUNDS like a fascinating story. Perfect typo for a musician :) PS I'm adding this to my TR pile!
Mimi Cross
Had to find out what a TWO MOON JOURNEY was so clicked on your page during my Thursday night book crawl. This sound like a fascinating story...
Rebecca Thomas
It sounds like something we should all read, although it makes me cringe when I read about man's inhumanity to man - no matter what group is the victim and which is the perpetrator.
Beverly J Smith
This sounds like a book I would enjoy reading!
Mary Boone
Love how you make history come to life!
Such an important topic!
shiela Fuller
I can tell by the synopsis that this book is going to have far reaching emotional depth.
Karen Williams
Love what this book is about. Living in Oklahoma, I have Cherokee friends whose ancestors's experienced the Trail of Tears when they were transplanted by force to Oklahoma.
Holly Cupala
We are so excited for this book, Peggy! I bought a copy for the school and need you to sign it, then I gave mine to my best friend, so I need another! Hugs.
Kathleen Lapi
This was heartwarming, exciting, and spiritual all at once! A great read!
Elizabeth Varadan
This sounds like an important addition to any school library or classroom library. This is an issue that seldom is dealt with and is such a tragic part of our country's history.
Nancy Monroe
An absolutely amazing story of love, trial, sharing, division, unity, and forgiveness. All of our emotions are pulled into this story and our history comes alive in the telling of this journey. It is a must-read for all, no matter the age. It is about our humanity and our ultimately, of our coming together in peace as one. Thank you, Peggy King Anderson for bringing this to us and for sharing your heart.
Crystal Pham
A beautiful way to draw attention to an important part of our history.
I can imagine the terrible experience
Susan Campbell
This is a great site. I'm glad you're able to reach so many people with the story of the removal of an entire village of people, including my ancestors, from Indiana to Kansas. Migwetch!
Trey Hays
Wow! What an interesting book this must be!
eileen schnabel
What a moving and important story. I had heard of the 'trail of tears' but not this. I hope teachers encourage their students to read this! I also thought the road sign designed by the author's son was a BRILLIANT idea.
Jill Hedgecock
Such a tragic point in our history. Thanks for writing a book about it.
Diana Psyras
Thank you! I learned some new Native American history!
Amazing to travel along the Trail of Death with a group of Potawatomi, and see their enthusiastic response to this book.
Sarah Maury Swan
We just toured the American Indian Museum in Washington, D.C. and were astounded by the wealth of information they presented. The subject of your book will fit right in. I do hope the Smithsonian know about it.
RJ Mirabal
A point of view not often seen. Great idea!
Lisa L. Owens
I'm so happy you wrote this book, Peggy, especially knowing your very personal inspiration for it. Congratulations!
Patti Wisnom
This is a compelling story that successfully portrays a very sad part of history.
Kay Phillips
A very sad and compelling story.
Marcia Strykowski
Sounds interesting. Good luck, Peggy!
Mike Monroe
Fantastic, compelling book. It is a moving account of a significant part of American history that everyone should be aware of even if we are not proud of that portion of our American heritage. Every young American student should read this book to better understand the American Indian culture and American history.
Very readable with a plethora of resources Cited: A teacher's dream; Ms Anderson has done all the research, and the material in the book would make a great lesson plan for teaching this period of history. I was grateful that the author kept the issue balanced with equal support given to both sides of the conflict.
Scott Wisnom
This book is incredibly captivating and I can't recommend it enough. You'll fall in love with the characters, and you won't want to put it down!
I will put this on my reading list. Historical fiction is a favorite of mine.
Ana Monroe
Beautifully written! I couldn't put this book down. I really connected with the characters and felt like I was on the journey with them. Truly a great way to learn.
Rachel F.
Sounds like a beautiful and important story.
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